New Uraidla Brewery, Cafe And Bakery Hybrid Venue Launching Soon

The Uraidla Brewery has been under massive construction this year, and is finally opening their doors at the end of this month.


The Uraidla Brewery has been under massive construction this year, and they’re getting ready to open the doors to their not-so-little side project at the end of this month. The unique venue will soon not only be a brewery but a cafe and bakery all-in-one! Could it get any better?!

The 400-square-metre venue was once a squash centre with two adjoining shops, but the walls connecting the three business have since been removed to create one huge venue to host the brewery, cafe and bakery. It’s expected to seat around 50 people, with the mezzanine floor for 15 people that is a bit separate, another 35 people on the ground floor, and more seating outside for when the warmer weather kicks in.

The decor is set to embody a 60s retro look, with touches of industrial vibes, to create a mix of old and new. The brewery also plans to have brewing tanks and equipment delivered from China and the US, where you can watch the brewers at work, some of which include Oscar Matthews who previously brewed for Pirate Life.

The cafe sector of the brewery will have a variety of bread, pastries and sweets including paninis, pies, and sausage rolls for you to collect on the go. As well as supplying nothing but the best coffee!

The bakery and cafe is expected to open in late October and will operate from 7am to 4pm. The brewery will open by the end of the year.

For more updates on the venue visit the Uraidla Hotels Facebook Page. 

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