New Waterfront Seafood Restaurant Opens In Henley (With Free Samples All Day)

Henley Beach continues to blitz the new restaurant scene, with another venue opening this month.


Photo by @dionrookie

Yep, free. Did we get your attention?

OK, now before we get to the free bit, let me explain to you how exciting this moment is for me.

As a local, I’ve been waiting for YEARS for a great business to move in to the spot that’s previously been occupied by Cafe Primo and Salt. The location is amazing, right near Henley Square, on the seafront, overlooking the beach. There’s a killer balcony which wraps around the heritage building, giving you the perfect spot to sit with a wine, or meal, and enjoy the sunsets, and it’s walking distance home for me. And now it’s about to get even better.

New owner Robert Leopardi is transforming the space in to his new restaurant Secrets By The Sea.

Previously Robert was involved in Sammys on the Marina, so it comes as little surprise that Secrets will be a seafood & grill restaurant. AND WE CAN’T WAIT.

To make things even more exciting, Robert has organised for a day of sampling, so the public can get a taste (see what I did there) of what’s to come.

On Wednesday April 17th, there will be free menu tastings, as well as tastings for wines, beer, and more, across lunch from 12-2:30pm and dinner from 5 to 9pm. More info to come on this.

Then on Thursday April 18th, they’ll open the restaurant for full operation across lunch and dinner.  

Check out Secrets By The Sea at 207 Esplanade Henley Beach. 

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