New Waymouth St Hotel Opens Today, In Time For Weekend Whiskey

The creep of boutique venues heads West along Waymouth Street with the latches on new pub The Raglan Hotel unhooked today, just in time for a weekend drink!

One of the most notable empty building on Waymouth Street for the last few years is set to debut a dramatic re-imagining tonight in line with the changing culture and growing sophistication of food and drink on the strip.

We won’t mention the name of said business that used to be at 109 Waymouth Street, because come this evening it will be a distant memory as The Raglan Hotel unbolted the latches at 11am today to herald a new boutique experience with a distinct focus upon Whiskey, premium spirits and a humble yet on point hotel menu of pub favourites, reworked for the diner who wants a conversation point to accompany their schnitzel or burger.

Local history buffs will recognise that 109 Waymouth St was in fact the location of The Old Raglan Hotel established in 1856, with the concept to revitalise the name and bring it into today a passion project for local businessman Daniel Brunoli. Think a warm fireplace, cozy lounge level seating, more than 80 Whiskey and a real social setting. It’s a language that Waymouth St already speaks, and offers a welcome respite from some of the already packed after work venues in the area, as well as providing an additional draw to the growing activity towards the Light Square end of the street.

Wednesdays will be Whiskey night at The Raglan, for those who enjoy a tipple.

Wednesdays will be Whiskey night at The Raglan, for those who enjoy a tipple.

They’re also pushing live music on Fridays, DJs on Saturdays and their coffee pour, which will be the South Australian owned Kommon Grounds. Which we can’t wait to try in an Espresso Martini (we have our priorities, ok).

The Raglan Hotel is located at 109 Waymouth Street. Find their menu on their website, or to see what’s coming up follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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