NEW Wine Podcast ‘Barossa: It’s Just Us’ releases first episode

The team at Barossa Australia have just launched a new podcast where listeners can learn the inside jokes and anecdotes of the Barossa Wine Region.

Barossa is incredibly serious when it comes to the quality of their produce… but when it comes to themselves? Not so much!

The team at Barossa Australia have just launched a new podcast featuring the characters who make Barossa, Barossa. Listeners won’t find any generic wine stuffiness, winemakers waxing lyrical about terroir, or technical tasting notes.

The light-hearted conversations between friends and local folklore lift the velvet curtain on the leading wine region. They reveal stories once told to belly laughs across the front bar or anecdotes retold with great delight at dinner parties.

The quirks that make Barossans shrug and say, “It’s Just Us”.

Barossa Australia’s Head of Brand and Marketing, Amanda Longworth, co-hosts the series of eight episodes.

“We share stories that are told with so much history, passion, and humour that it’s hard not to be drawn in. We deliberately avoided ‘wine talk’ to make it utterly relatable as part of the conversation with our audience,” said Amanda.

Fellow host, Stuart Bourne, winemaker with Soul Growers Barossa (and self-confessed rubbish comedian), is well known locally for his commitment to the Barossa community.

“The challenge of visiting a wine region like Barossa is being able to get the true sense of being a local. So, without having to move here, these podcasts give you the inside track to who our regional characters are, without having to live here,” said Stuart.

“While our wine is world-class and globally recognised, Barossa is Barossa because of its people, and it’s amazing to be able to give a sense of how connected we are as a community.”

The story of Barossa’s gentle evolution weaves through the series. The entrepreneurial spirit of the Barons of Barossa sits alongside a tale of a career in music supporting The Angels and Divinyls and what shouldn’t ever be omitted from mettwurst without causing significant controversy.

Guest Prue Henschke relished the opportunity to take part in season one.

“We have so many stories that are told around our dinner tables, and laughed about with mates,” said Prue.

“These have traditionally been just shared between us, but now for the first time, we are sharing them with the world. This is a wonderful way to extend our dinner table in a virtual way, with local legends becoming shared stories and shared knowledge with new friends.”

The first episode of “Barossa: It’s Just Us”, featuring Charlie Melton of Charles Melton Wines, launched on Monday 2 May on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Acast.

Between the weekly episodes, tune into the tracks Barossa wines are made to, with the 77+(!) hours programmed by Barossa winemakers on The Barossa Winemaking Groove playlist.

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