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News Corp Suspends SA Messenger Newspapers

The Messenger will temporarily stop their printed publications from April 9th.


News Corp has announced the suspension of 60 community newspaper titles across Australia, effective from the 9th of April.

South Australia’s Messenger publications are among those affected. Over 270,000 copies are usually distributed across their five weekly publications.

The digital versions of those publications will still be available.

Falling advertising revenues are at the core of the decision, which has been condemned by Australian organisation Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance (MEAA).

MEAA has said that “at a time when fast and accurate information is more important than ever, media owners have an obligation to do all in their power to keep publishing, broadcasting and serving their communities.”

MEAA Media president Marcus Strom says: “The media is an essential service right now. Media outlets have a heightened responsibility to their communities. They provide a lifeline that binds a community together and bolsters resilience. Their local knowledge cannot be replaced by media outlets in the bigger cities.


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