Nick Waterhouse's "Holly" Is Out Now

Nick Waterhouse’s “Holly” Is Out Now

After streaming exclusively via ahead of release, Nick Waterhouse’s sophomore delight “Holly” is out now in Australia and New Zealand via Create/Control | Innovative Leisure.


NW_GeneralRelease_Photo1.jpg.client.x675After streaming exclusively via ahead of release, Nick Waterhouse’s sophomore delight “Holly” is out now in Australia and New Zealand via Create/Control | Innovative Leisure.

From an introverted introduction to the live stage and finding his place in the midst of Huntington Beach’s thriving UFC, surfing and tanning scenes, Waterhouse pondered the idea of potential on breakthrough single of 2010, ‘Some Place’. Fast track four years and he’s a successful recording artist with an acclaimed debut, several high-profile tours and noteworthy collaborations in his stride, but his latest work still embodies the struggle of his early forays.

“Holly” captures the same wry lyricism and endearing cynicism that won hearts with debut LP “Time’s All Gone” (2012). During ‘This Is a Game’, Waterhouse sets up a snarly, post-surf guitar solo with a tasty side of pessimism: “This is a game / Please remember my words / And don’t get upset when you don’t get what you think you deserve.” And on the gothic-soul strut ‘Let It Come Down’, he meditates on the inevitability of pain: “If there’s gonna be rain tonight,” he sings in a stoic croon. “Let it come down.”

It’s clear from this material that Waterhouse is in the midst of his own becoming, but this old soul ain’t one to go rushing the process. Citing one of his heroes Van Morrison (who started out covering Bobby Bland, whose own musical idol was Nat King Cole), Waterhouse says emulation is a journey – you never truly succeed, but “you become something on the way there”.

Whoever it was that Nick Waterhouse wanted to be matters less now – here you have a worldly skeptic who’s also, when it comes to his art, a sanctified believer.

PRAISE FOR “HOLLY”“Holly balances a nostalgic timelessness and modern, urgent emotions.” – Q Magazine“The singer has crafted an album that unfolds like a film: it’s brisk, self-contained and a little
mysterious, and catchy enough to revisit again and again.”
 – Paste Magazine

“Waterhouse’s soulful voice melds with the instruments, crooning and yelping, capturing the
vibrancy typical of classic soul records”
 – The 405

“It’s a dance-music kind of R&B, with horns and Cubanisms, a music with ears to the Twist and
boogaloo that hasn’t yet forked toward Motown and rock ’n’ roll”
 – The NY Times

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