No Strings Attached Theatre Of Disability To Announce Exciting News

While other theatre companies have come and gone, Adelaide’s award-winning No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability is currently enjoying its silver anniversary year.

While other theatre companies have come and gone, Adelaide’s award-winning No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability is currently enjoying its silver anniversary year.

Established in 1994 by Helen Flinter Leach, No Stringshas developed countless artists, created critically and popularly acclaimed productions, and pushed the boundaries of what theatre can be. It is one of the most successful South Australian performing arts organizations, at home, interstate and even abroad.

No Strings will be holding a very special 25th Birthday event, open to the public, at 6:30pm on Tuesday 3rd December at The Regal Theatre where Artistic Director Alirio Zavarce will be announcing very exciting news! Attending this event will be many distinguished guests, including founder Helen Flinter Leach.

Earlier this year Premier Steven Marshall launched the 25th Year program and associated crowd-funding campaign to raise $25k for 25 years.  On December 3rd an update on the campaign will be announced.

Click here to access a link to the campaign for fundraising updates
No Stringscreates original theatre through the unique perspectives of their artists and performers who live with disability. They produce award-winning productions with local, national and international tours that deeply move audiences to the point where disability disappears. They develop members’ skills in all areas of theatre production and produce work which raises awareness of, for and about people with disabilities. They break the “fifth wall” – the barriers associated with disability. They entertain while empowering and celebrating ability while being committed to excellence and innovation. No Strings is the theatre redefining (dis)ability.

They invite us to join them on December 3rd at the Regal Theatre as they celebrate the past 25 years and look forward to exciting opportunities in the future.

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