NOLA To Celebrate Turning One With Two Day Block Party

NOLA To Celebrate Turning One With Two Day Block Party

These little bars, they grow up so fast!


Oh NOLA, you gorgeous little bar. Has it been a year already since you opened your doors and we ended up on your upstairs balcony singing sweet nothings along your alleyway to the passers by on Rundle St…

You gave us that. You gave us beers. You gave us the Beer Porter. And now you’re giving us a two day long street party on November 26 & 27 because you really do understand our needs and how to look after us. You’re a special kind of partner, one we can introduce to our Mum and Dad.

NOLA’s ‘Birthday Beer Fest’ will be supporting some of the breweries that have helped them out over the last year. With 26 different brews being poured, good vibes into the NOLA laneway with live bands, DJ’s, pop up record store ‘Crackle & Pop’… and a Sunday recovery brunch featuring your famous Moonshine Mary’s.

Oh and smoked meats. You really know the way to an Adelaidian’s heart.

NOLA’s 1st Birthday Beer Block Party will be on from 12pm – 2am on Saturday, 26th of November; then continue from 11am to midnight on Sunday, 27th of November. Keep across the lead up to the big day via the Facebook event.

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