Non-profit Guildhouse aims to support South Australian creatives through new campaign

Art means so much to us all, so why not show your support of local artists through Guildhouse’s new campaign in collaboration with the City of Adelaide.

Guildhouse, one of South Australia’s key not-for-profit organisations supporting creatives and assisting them to build and maintain sustainable careers is partnering with the City of Adelaide to launch its 2021 philanthropic campaign, asking South Australian’s to celebrate and showcase the important role the arts played within their lives during the COVID pandemic.

Guildhouse is urging South Australians to use social media and the hashtags #keepartaliveinAdelaide because #ArtMatters to share stories of how art has empowered them to traverse the uncertainty of the past year, or, as an artist, what the public’s support throughout this time has meant to them.

Additionally, the public is encouraged to make donations to the Guildhouse reVision program, with all donation being matched dollar for dollar by the City of Adelaide.

The campaign has already seen support from some of South Australia’s most notable names, including tv and radio personality Rebecca Morse, an avid art lover and industry supporter.

“I’m by no means a connoisseur but art makes me happy. Being at home more, I’ve appreciated the pieces we have on our walls and the feelings and memories they evoke. I love taking my daughters to Adelaide galleries to help them develop an appreciation of art,” said Morse.

Business leader and Guildhouse Deputy Chair, Andrew Cohen says he and his family have always had a great love of the arts, demonstrated by the Burnside Village commitment to significant new art commissions with each development of eastern Adelaide’s major shopping precinct.

“My love of art is what led me to join the Guildhouse Board. It is often said that life is short, but art is long. I want Adelaide to have a great future where artists are celebrated for what they bring to the world,” said Cohen.

Adelaide’s Lord Mayor, Sandy Verschoor, said coming together, sharing and experiencing art is at the heart of Adelaide life.

“Last year, many of us turned to the arts including visual arts, films and music for comfort during lockdowns and feelings of uncertainty due to the pandemic,” the Lord Mayor said.

Guildhouse CEO, Emma Fey, highlighted that supporting the reVision philanthropic campaign means supporting its 950 members and ensures Guildhouse’s ability to deliver its support and business development program for South Australian artists.

“Artists have experienced an extraordinarily difficult time and are continuing to navigate a changed world of shifting sands. Our work at Guildhouse is vital in creating connections, instilling hope and confidence, and connecting artists with new skills that they need to keep going. Personally, I don’t want to imagine a world where artists can no longer continue to create art.”

The funds raised will go towards Guildhouse’s reVision program, which is a seasonal online program developed during COVID, thoughtfully curated to help artists deepen connections, strengthen their practice and grow skills in these ever-changing times. reVision offers the opportunity to work with tech mentors, meet with and hear from a host of globally relevant speakers – in ways that are best suited to the makers.

For more information and to support Guildhouse’s reVision 2021 philanthropic campaign, visit this website.

To find out more about Guildhouse, check out their website.

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