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‘None the Richer’ Represents Adelaide at RAFW

Designer of ‘None the Richer,’ Ulyana Bezeruk, was the only South Australian to show a collection at Australia’s foremost fashion event, Rosemount Australian Fashion Week 2011.


Getting the chance to show a collection at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week is an opportunity many young designers dream about.

Ulyana Bezeruk, was the only South Australian fashion designer to show a collection at RAFW in Sydney this month.

“Well, I hope I did SA proud,” she says.

“I just had such a great experience and I support anyone who wants to show at RAFW, if you ever can, take the opportunity and grow from it.”

Ulyana’s label, ‘None the Richer’, has already built a strong following and is popular with celebrities.

Sophie Monk, Ke$ha and Jennifer Hawkins have all been seen wearing the designs.

Ulyana is an Adelaide girl and says she simply fell into fashion design.

“I grew up with a self taught seamstress, my Mum, I would always draw and be making something growing up so it was something that progressed naturally,” she says.

Working on her mum’s label ‘Kiik’, she decided to start a brand that would reflect more of her own style.

“My brother jokingly said creating my own label would make me “None the Richer” and so that stuck with me.”

‘None the Richer’ is a mix of indie and glam, consisting of gothic style jewellery and pretty, party girl dresses with an edge.

Ulyana says she is a fashion chameleon and her label is aimed at “anyone who is open minded and happy to experiment.”

“I do change up every season for anyone who loves having statement pieces to keep in their wardrobes for a long time,” she says.

So far her show at RAFW 2011 has received very positive reviews.

The collection was inspired by 1940’s and 50’s structure and lines, which Ulyana juxtaposed with style from the 90’s punk movement.

Hemlines were high and bold prints made up for any lack of colour.

Ulyana is skilled at designing clothes that are edgy enough for the hipsters but pretty enough for the girly girls.

Presenting a collection in front of a huge audience is bound to be nerve wracking for even the most established designer but Ulyana says there were two things she was most nervous about.

“Firstly I was hoping no one falls, as my shoes were platform stripper shoes and secondly having to get the wedding dress on the model in time.”

“First one nearly went smoothly, one girl had a minor slip but didn’t fall or hurt herself and as for the second thing, we got the wedding dress on with no hiccups!”

It was lucky she did get that show stopping wedding dress on, with its skirt made of tiny laser cut skulls; it was the highlight of the parade.

Unfortunately Adelaide loses a lot of designers as they decide to relocate to Melbourne or Sydney to further their careers and Ulyana is soon to be one of them.

“I do travel a lot as well especially to Sydney; it just makes more sense relocating at this point of time,” she says.

There’s no doubt Ulyana will be one of SA’s brightest exports as she jet sets overseas for four months where she’ll look for major inspiration to work on her next seasons collection.

“(I will) continue to grow here in AUS as well as overseas and just have a rad time doing it!”

Check out the ‘None The Richer’ website www.nonethericher.com.au

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