North To Be The New Direction At Africola

North To Be The New Direction At Africola

Africola is moving its menu and dining vibes firmly towards North Africa. It seems Head Chef Duncan Welgemoed has some new ideas he’s eager to share with Adelaide…


While infamous Adelaide chef and fire-pit fanatic Duncan Welgemoed will be busy busting his chops (and other cuts of meat) at the Beer & BBQ Fest this weekend, his East Terrace home Africola is preparing for a few changes that will take effect mid month.

After opening with the likes of Skewered Ox Heart in Monkey Gland Sauce, Chianina T-Bone and whole cows head (much celebrated cows head we might add), Welgemoed is ready to flip the menu and the kitchen for that matter, moving towards a more North African style of cooking when the restaurant reopens on July 19.

But that’s pretty broad when you consider that between Morocco and Sudan you can find a list of cultural influence as long and muddled as Winona Ryder’s file of prior convictions. Ethiopia, Egypt, hell even Libya might come into play somewhere on the menu. It’s not like Welgemoed to settle, and it’s likely that there will be plenty of variety, surprising combinations and something to shock in amongst it all.

We’ve heard on the grapevine that breads and smoke are to feature heavily, but unlike the initial menu there will be a decided move away from protein towards the medley of flavours found in vegetables. Of course, that means that the drinks menu will get a rehash as well, and considering Africola’s disposition towards small batch wines, we would love to be in the testing seat to match it all up. There will be a few discoveries to be made, that’s for sure.

The dining room is also getting a fresh coat of colour under the watchful eye of designer James Brown. Looking at everything here, it’s likely this is going to be a whole new Africola to enjoy, but when the personality coming from the kitchen is one of the key building blocks of the atmosphere, you can be sure that the heart remains the same.


Africola, located at 4 East Tce, will re-open on Tuesday, July 19. Keep an eye on their Facebook for further details. They’re good at keeping that up to date.

Photography by Ryan Winter

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