Northeast Party House Heats Up Fat Controller

Fat Controller played host to a high energy show from Northeast Party House in a sell out show on Friday night.

Northeast Party House really are one of the quintissential party bands of Australia and punters know to expect a good time every time a show is announced. It’s, therefore, no surprise that the 19 January show at Fat Controller sold out and the atmosphere could only be described as high octane.

Opening act, The Montreals, are cultivating a following in Adelaide on the back of their dancey-rock style reminiscent of much of what you’d hear at Transmission or Gosh! With clear vocals over the top of high-pitched oohs courtesy of backing tapes – a point which will divide purists – the live sound was pretty solid for an Adelaide-based act. The different vocalists have very diverse styles which also adds a point of interest and the onstage confidence certainly couldn’t be questioned.

Northeast Party House have certainly nailed the formula for a great dance rock show aimed at young Australian audiences. With a pumping rhythm section setting the tone and a casually charismatic on stage presence, the act has cultivated a fantastic live reputation over the last several years with crowds anticipating a high octane show. With the heatwave changing the atmosphere a little bit, the band even had to resort to crowd management at times, ensuring patrons were safe, comfortable and looking after each other.
Zach Hamilton-Reeves is the epitome of the ambivalent front man. With an almost effortless live presence the singer breezes through each set as casually as possible conveying a sense of chill which is reinforced by the relaxed body language of his bandmates. Having said that it was clear the heat was getting to him at times, at one point pleading with staff to get water for the band.
Calypso Beach was the pick of the live songs, with Heartbreaker getting people into the groove. The amount of moshing and people on shoulders reflected the big party atmosphere which has now become a signature aspect of a live Northeast Party House show. The show also further cemented the value of Fat Controller as Adelaide’s ideal space for high energy shows.

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