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NoRuYeLo Is Adelaide’s Newest Eco-Friendly Fashion Label

Sustainability is the ‘new black.’


As consumers become increasing conscious on their environmental footprint, No Ru(bish) Ye(s) Lo(ve) offers a solution.

The recently developed fashion label is from Adelaide and serves the growing trend and desire for eco-friendly clothing,

Founders of the label, Snezana Sawbrick and Sanya Zunic have shown their love and passion for the environment and the fashion industry, by delivering an ethical and sustainable clothing line to the community, designed and manufactured right here Adelaide, South Australia.

Sawbick and Zunic’s mission is to reduce the impact on the environment and aid in decreasing the overflow of landfill, as they recycle old textiles to create a new, refreshed and revitalised clothing line. As Adelaide’s very own eco-friendly designer’s state, “We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors—we borrow it from our children.”

The fashion label encourages individualism and personal style, with each garment having its very own unique flair. NoRuYeLo brings to you a range of pieces, full of stunning colours and patterns. The garments feature an array of different materials, with a modern and chic twist, whilst providing fashion lovers with versatility to dress the item up or down.

NoRuYeLO is a non-for-profit social enterprise, that aims to provide work for individuals with employment barriers and encourages utilising fair trade practices, whilst working towards the growth of ethical fashion. Using their creativity, the two designers have brought a beautiful and ethical line to the industry.

“Only the power of community will make and carry through that change. However, nobody ever said that we cannot have some fun and wear looking and feeling good clothes in the process…..”

The new fashion label debuted their 2018/2019 collection in the ECO Fashion Week Australia last year, which has recently grown to be one of the largest eco-friendly parades, featuring a range of ethical fashion designers.

If you are looking into making a shift to an ethical wardrobe, NoRuYeLo will be displaying their line on Friday 24 May, 6pm at Box Factory Community Centre.

The fashion parade will also be accompanied by the owner of The Adelaide Remakery, Sue Fenwick, to discuss sustainability and the emerging trends in the fashion industry.

Free tickets to the fashion parade are available here! Be prepared for a fun filled night, with a glass of champagne in hand whilst viewing NoRuYeLo’s parade of eye-catching designs.

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