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Norwood Payneham & Saint Peter’s City Council Is Spreading The Christmas Cheer

Christmas parking fines take on a different approach in the Norwood Payneham & Saint Peter’s City Council area.

Everyone is feeling the Christmas spirit these holidays, even Norwood Payneham & Saint Peter’s City Council!

We have some not so nice feelings about councils and parking fines most of the time, but after seeing this little feel good we couldn’t help but share it!

Turns out that at the moment they’re giving out parking fines to Christmas shoppers for $0.00 in the spirit of Christmas. Now, we’re not suggesting you go out to the Parade and openly flaunt their parking restrictions, but if you accidentally do you might just be lucky enough to escape un-fined.

Photo by James Curd (Facebook)

Norwood Paynham & Saint Peter’s City Council is definitely winning the (fictional and just made up) “Council Cheer Award” this Christmas.

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