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Not All Superheroes Wear Capes, The Autobiography

Quentin Kenihan has one of the most unique, fascinating and utterly hilarious stories to share and finally, and he’s shared the story first hand.

He’s a face well known across our fair state. Many of the older generations remember the cheeky face and captivating tears of the now infamous Mike Willesee interview, Quentin. There were plenty that first met him with Quentin Crashes or bearing all on Big Brother. Crowds flocked to see him in the latest Mad Max blockbuster.

Some saw the Fringe show, some have seen the fashion parades he’s helped run, some just know him as the guy on wheels zipping around town. However it is that you first came across Quentin Kenihan, his journey has undoubtedly captured many hearts.

Having said that, there are so many aspects of his journey that up until now, we weren’t privy to. Thanks to the man with the unrelenting hustle there’s a new SA book to open your eyes and add to your collection; Quentin, Not All Superheroes Wear Capes.

To say Quentin’s life has been harrowing wouldn’t be an understatement, but it would be unfair to the many hilarious and legendary stories he has, to describe his life as merely that.

quentinHis star studded friendship circle is apparent within these pages. The forward of the book was written by Australian entertainment legend Ray Martin and the quote on the front cover is straight from the mouth of Hollywood legend Russell Crowe, and that’s just the beginning!

At the book launch this month the opening speech was made by none other than Premier Jay Weatherill. He spoke not as a politician, but as a comrade whose life Quentin has genuinely touched. His moving words encapsulated all we feel about Quentin as an individual, inspired by his bold drive, ambition and courage in the face of true adversity.

And the details of the journey that lead to the man we know today, lie within the eloquently written pages of this book. Upon reading I’ve shed tears of laughter and of heartache when Quentin has shone the light on some of the incredibly dark corners of his life.

It would be far too cliche (for a man who is so fascinatingly unique) to describe Quentin’s life as a tale of a true Aussie battler. So I prefer to describe his autobiography as an inspiring and enlightening story of greatness, despite the odds.

Have I read the final pages? Honestly, no. Not quite. But I’m so close! Can I tell you how the story ends? No, not quite. But I already know the sequel will be jam packed with adventure.

If you need a reminder that the twists and turns of life aren’t always easy, but can take you great places, this is it.

Quentin Kenihan‘s autobiography ‘Not All Superheros Wear Capes’ is available online via Dymocks bookshops here.

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