Now is a great time to buy your first home – Here’s why

Adelaide-based mortgage broking company SHAKE Finance is eager to help you refinance or buy a home with their complimentary service.

It’s April, people, so if this was the year you were finally going to sort out your finances, now is the time to act.

Don’t know where to start? Adelaide-based mortgage broking company SHAKE Finance is eager to help with their complimentary service, and they say it has never been a better time to refinance or be a first-time home buyer!

For homeowners, refinancing could be an easy way to shave thousands of dollars off your biggest expense. With record low interest rates on offer, refinancing could be a great way to give yourself an instant, ongoing saving boost.

SHAKE also looks at your entire situation and offers advice on how to set up your accounts to maximize your money and potentially shave years off your home loan just by making some adjustments to the set up. Today’s rates are now below 2%, and SHAKE says lenders are fighting for business, meaning some are offering up to $4,000 cash just to refinance with them.

For first home buyers, there are literally thousands of dollars up for grabs with several grants and other incentives being thrown your way. SHAKE Finance can ensure that you get everything available to you and help you apply for the grants and incentives.

As we mentioned at the top of this story, there is no fee for their service, so you won’t pay a cent from your pocket to use them.

Sound good?

Have a listen to what SHAKE Managing Director Krista Souvertjis has to say about the benefit of the services offered.

“People get complacent about their home loan because they don’t realise the potential savings that are out there or think it’s too hard to switch over,” Souvertjis says.

“I‘ve lost count of how many times we’ve saved people thousands of dollars just for the price of a quick chat with myself or one of our team.”

“We aren’t looking for one-off loans either. The vast majority of our customers are long-term because part of our service is monitoring the product we choose. We take it upon ourselves to ensure the rate we secure remains competitive and re-negotiate with each lender if things happen to change.

“This gives our customers peace of mind, and is a big reason why they keep coming back.”

In keeping with the times we are living in, SHAKE Finance is completely digital. This means the entire process can be done from the comfort of your home, but they are equally happy to come and get face-to-face at your preferred location, wherever that happens to be.

“We take our customers through the entire journey step by step, and we certainly don’t treat anyone like a number,” Souvertjis says.

“We’re always happy to chat and run through a variety of different scenarios to see how each one impacts your situation and gets you to your financial goals.”

Would you like to know more?

Get in touch with Krista and the Shake Finance team directly on 0432 759 744 or if you prefer, reach out via their Facebook page.

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