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NOW OPEN: Beleza Hair Artistry unveils ethical hair extensions and a unique salon experience

Beleza Hair Artistry is transforming the beauty industry with ethically sourced hair extensions and a unique salon environment, featuring art galleries and a winter garden, spearheaded by veteran hairdresser Sarah Louise.

Beleza Hair Artistry is the newest salon doing it a bit different. Bringing ethical practice and sustainability to the world of hair extensions, Beleza has a team of experts dedicated to the cause.

Owner, Sarah Louise, is an experienced hairdresser and make-up artist of 28 years and is the pioneering force behind Beleza Hair Artistry. As a mother of four, with a deep-rooted history in hairdressing, Sarah has specialised in the installation of every hair extension method available on the market. However, she noted a significant gap for a technique that was both small and versatile while remaining virtually undetectable.

Her determination led her into extensive research of the global hair extension market. Amid her investigation, Sarah discovered a troubling unregulated industry in Australia where unqualified individuals were offering dangerous hair extensions that could cause permanent damage to the scalp and hair of their clients. This, paired with a worrying trend of companies offering online training to individuals without any prior experience or accreditation in hairdressing, meant something had to be done.

“I couldn’t believe how many people are unknowingly walking around with unethically sourced hair and wouldn’t even know,” Sarah says.

“If we are lucky enough to have a profession that cannot be replaced by AI, then let’s embrace that and keep our standards high.”

Sarah was confronted with the ethical issues surrounding the sourcing of hair extensions. The conditions under which workers laboured and the origins of the hair used became her central concern, pushing her to seek a supplier that met her strict ethical criteria.

The most profound discovery that Sarah came across was the ethics behind the hair-sourcing industry – once she went down this rabbit hole it became her primary focus to find an international supplier that ticked all her moral and ethical boxes, so she embarked on a mission abroad to see for herself. Sarah is fiercely passionate about children and human rights so her focus was the condition of workers and evidence of where the hair is ‘really coming from’.

This led her to Vietnam, where after two visits, she successfully aligned with a family-owned, premium hair factory that met all her ethical standards. This partnership enabled her to develop and design a new hair extension technique apt for all hair types.

Sarah worked alongside her husband, James Deane, and business partner Ben Gostlow, to develop Beleza Crystal Hair Extensions, where Beleza Hair Artistry was born.

The new salon is located on Jetty Road in Glenelg, and also features a gallery space showcasing the works of artist Katie Wyer, known for her artwork “A Beautiful Mess.” Additionally, there is a styled winter garden by Atrium, providing a relaxing environment for clients during their appointments.

Beleza Hair Artistry not only offers a solution to those seeking ethically sourced, high-quality hair extensions but also provides an artistic and serene environment for its clientele, ensuring a rewarding and relaxing experience.

Beleza Hair Artistry
Where: 113a Jetty Rd Glenelg SA
For more information, click here.

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