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NOW OPEN: Blewitt Springs Wine Co unveils renovated cellar door, expanding offering

Blewitt Springs Wine Co in McLaren Vale has unveiled its renovated cellar door which will now be open to the general public beyond appointment-only tastings.

Nestled in the heart of the picturesque McLaren Vale wine region, Blewitt Springs Wine Co has unveiled its renovated cellar door, upgrading the venue’s wine-tasting experience.

After months of meticulous planning and construction, the winery is ready to welcome visitors to a revamped space, which was previously open by appointment-only. The renovation project was to create more of an atmosphere for people to come and try their wines.

This involved the creation of a fresh amenities block, utilising materials salvaged from the old stables. They also laid an exposed aggregate slab in front of the cellar entrance and fitted doors at the rear. Picnic tables, strategically placed at the front, offer ideal spots to enjoy a platter and a glass of wine looking out into the stunning landscape.

“We wanted to create a space that not only showcases our exceptional wines but also celebrates the natural beauty of our region,” Phil and Nina Tabor tell Glam Adelaide. “Even though our pocket of McLaren Vale isn’t really well known, there’s an undercurrent that what we’ve got here is so special.”

“With several new ventures nearby, our goal is to spotlight the unique character of our local community, showcasing what we have to offer. Our wines speak for themselves – they’re of the highest quality, and we’re eager to share the opportunity for others to experience them firsthand.”

The revamped cellar door boasts a range of enhancements, including upgraded amenities and a stylish outdoor seating area. With its expanded capacity, accommodating up to 73 people, Blewitt Springs is now better equipped to host unique wine tastings and special events.

Their aim was to establish two distinct spaces: a refined cellar for intimate tastings and an expansive outdoor area that invites guests to not only natural beauty of Blewitt Springs’ surroundings, but also the wine.

“This marks the completion of stage one in our renovation journey – focusing on enhancing the cellar door experience and ensuring essential amenities are in place. Stage two involves further expansion of our iconic barrel room, which has a striking mural, and will create a larger space,” he says.

What sets Blewitt Springs apart is its commitment to sustainability, organic and biodynamic practices. Certified by NASAA, the vineyard embraces a holistic approach to winemaking, ensuring that each bottle reflects the unique terroir of McLaren Vale.

In addition to its acclaimed Shiraz wines, Blewitt Springs is introducing new varieties, including Fiano and Grenache, adding depth and diversity to its portfolio. There’s a strong focus on small-batch production and minimal intervention, which means you won’t just find them anyway – making a trip to the cellar door worth while.

“We’ve got quite a few award-winning wines that you won’t find everywhere else. Since we don’t sell in many retail outlets, we want folks to come in and sample them, helping to spread the word about our fantastic wines.”

One of the hallmarks of Blewitt Springs’ cellar door is the personal touch offered by Phil Tabor himself.

Visitors have the unique opportunity to interact directly with the winemaker, gaining insights into the winemaking process and the story behind each bottle. “We want to create a connection with our guests, to share our passion for wine and our love for this region,” says Phil.

Beyond wine tastings, Blewitt Springs offers a complete experience for guests, including platters and glasses of wine enjoyed amidst the picturesque vineyard setting. The winery’s commitment to hospitality extends to its onsite Airbnb called Amongst The Vines Deluxe Retreat, which is not only stunning, but the perfect location to enjoy a cellar door experience without needed to drive home.

Nestled up on a hill, the stylishly renovated cottage provides panoramic views of surrounding vineyards and the rolling hills of McLaren Vale. Secluded and private, it’s perfect for couples or groups.

Blewitt Springs Wine Co Cellar Door
Where: 477 Blewitt Springs Rd Blewitt Springs SA 5171
More info: Click here

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