NOW OPEN: Edo Cucina at God’s Hill Wines brings a taste of Rome to the Barossa Valley

Brava! Edoardo Strappa, of Umbria fame, has returned from Italy to serve up Roman style pizza in the heart of the Barossa Valley.

When Edoardo Strappa closed his popular Claire Valley restaurant, Umbria Rustic Italian a few years ago to relocate to Italy, an ocean’s worth of tastebuds went into mourning. Umbria’s authentic Italian cuisine was a must-taste experience, serving traditional Italian cuisine packed with clean and robust flavours.

But we’re not here to tell you about what was; we’re here to celebrate what is – and that’s the return of the Strappa family and the opening of Edoardo’s new restaurant, Edo Cucina, in the Barossa Valley.

I am excited. Really, very, deliriously excited.

The saying, “Distance makes the heart grow fonder,” rang true for Edoardo twice over. When he felt his motherland, Italy, calling him and his family to return, they packed up their lives and relocated. However, it wasn’t long before they started missing South Australia’s lifestyle, as Edoardo explained to Glam Adelaide:

“Once we had our second son, who is now five years old, but who was pretty young (at the time), we felt that we were missing our families a lot, and friends of course, and our social life. At first, it was exciting. When it came to being with our families again. “

However, when Edoardo and his family dove into the administration of everyday life, they encountered unexpected challenges with setting up a new business due to the tight local regulations that he felt restricted trade, creative expression and innovation.

His family also missed the relaxed, outdoor lifestyle they’d enjoyed living in the Clare Valley. After much deliberation, they agreed that returning was the best choice for their family.

“We moved to Lyndoch in the Barossa Valley and set up our restaurant within God’s Hill Wines. We’ve known the owner, Charlie Scalzi, for many years. He discovered my restaurant, Umbria, when it first opened, and he became a loyal customer and friend.

We had very fond memories of our time shared with him and his family. They’re very honest people with beautiful wines and the view from the winery is one of the best in the world.

He’d previously asked us to open a restaurant in his winery while we were still in the Clare Valley. Then, when I rang him from Italy for a chat, he said, ‘Look, just come here and open up this bloody restaurant‘. So, we did.”

Edo Cucina specialises in Pinsa, a style of pizza originating from Rome.

“The dough is very, very light, because it’s been matured for over 48 hours. It has very little yeast. I use a starter instead. While Pizza is very established here, it’s more of a Naplese style, so this Roman approach to pizza is quite novel.”

Edoardo also blends Australian and Italian ingredients, including flours from both countries, in his dough.

Beyond Pinsa, Edo Cucina’s menu also features three different styles of pasta, tasting boards and dessert.

Let’s not forget the wine! It is, after all, a perfect partner for any Italian meal. When I asked how the restaurant and winery work together, Edoardo described it as a beautiful blend (okay, he didn’t use those words exactly, but how could I ignore such a perfect pun?)

“Currently, we attend to all the food and serve God’s Hill wines. Also, if a guest has bought their wine from God’s Hill, they can bring it into the restaurant, and we will pour it for them. Charlie will often come in and talk with our guests. Also, the view from the winery and restaurant is breathtaking.”

“The all-natural approach Charlie uses to create God’s Hill’s wines matches our approach to our food. I want to learn how to make wine from him so we can one day make some wines together.”

Edoardo and Charlie’s enthusiasm to work together extends beyond the walls of their winery and restaurant. They’re currently developing a calendar of monthly food and wine-matching events.

Get on your way to Edo Cucina at God’s Hill Wines folks!

Follow the Edo Cucina Facebook page to avoid missing out on any of their upcoming events.

EDO CUCINA at God’s Hill Wines
Address: 7a Morphett Rd, Lyndoch
Open for lunch: Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday for Lunch
Open for dinner: Fridays.
Takeaway: Available all days.

Email: [email protected] 
Phone: 0494120827

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