NOW OPEN: Family-owned Southern Still Spirits opens doors in Prospect

Southern Still Spirits, Prospect’s newest distillery, are bringing Mediterranean flavours down under.

Southern Still Spirits are bringing Mediterranean flavours down under, as they have officially opened the doors to their new distillery in Prospect.

Tucked away just off the main drag of Churchill Road, the distillery guests will be welcomed with a gorgeous timber bar, ready for stories to be shared.

For owner and distiller, Stavros Rollis, Southern Still Spirits has been a long time coming. “Making spirits is part of my culture, its tradition. I come from an agricultural background, where we were, for the most part, self-sufficient. We used to make spirits at home, so I want to continue that tradition and experiment with making new spirits.”

The new distillery allows Stavros to share a part of his culture merged with modern distilling styles and practices. At Southern Still, they “do the whole process, from grape to bottle.”

Boasting a current lineup of four unique spirits, there’s something to suit everyone’s palette. The classic gin is light in strength and rich in citrus flavour, whereas the Southern Style is a navy strength gin, with tasty juniper berries.

Joining these two are the Tsiporos. The classic Tsipouro is a Greek-style moonshine, handcrafted from Shiraz grapes, and the Muscat Tsipouro is made from a muscat grape and has a beautiful currant flavour.

To make the spirits, a good quality base is essential. That’s why they handcraft their grape-based spirits in modern traditional copper pot stills. The base spirit is made using South Australian grapes, which provide a loaded flavour profile. By distilling wine into spirits, the final product becomes velvety and ideal for drinking.

Alongside this, Stavros focuses on supporting local and using local produce. In the distillery, you can see the fruits of his labour in the flesh, as the pot stills used to make the spirits are proudly displayed.

“When people come into the distillery they can not only have a taste but also see the whole process of where the spirits were made,” Stavros explains.

Southern Still is truly a long time coming, so if your gin stash needs a restock, or you are keen to try a Tsipouro, stop by and give it a go.

“It has been a dream and passion to open the business, and we put a lot of effort into producing good quality spirits. We hope people give us a go and have a try!”

What: Southern Still Spirits
Where: 31 Churchill Road, Adelaide, SA, Australia, 5082
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