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NOW OPEN: McCarthy’s Orchard new cellar door extension opens with antique charm

McCarthy’s Orchard has opened their new cellar door expansion just in time for the Autumn season.

McCarthy’s Orchard has opened their new cellar door expansion just in time for the Autumn season. Set within a beautiful Orchard in McLaren Vale, McCarthy’s Orchard is well known for its 75-year-old vines as well as its on-sight authentically handmade winemaking process.

Grower and owner, Mark has commented on the completion of the extension, sharing his excitement for the Winter months coming up and the enjoyment customers will get out of the new area.

“We are really pleased with how it has all turned out, we had a vision in our minds about what we wanted the extension to look like – mostly with it blending with the original sections of the cellar door,” Mark says.

“The final product has met these expectations very well and we are super stoked to see the end result.”

With the original exterior of the cellar door fashioning the use of older materials such as wood panelling, corrugated iron and window frames, the new section takes on an updated antique spin-off of its counterparts.

“We sourced some old aggie pipes from a Sultana farm, which are used to drain water off the crops and reused them to make a wall of panelling with the old aggie pipes,” Mark says.

We were also lucky enough to have a friend of ours, Jeff Sinclair source and offer for free some old Oregon beams – a type of wood that was used to be built around the front of the new extension.”

Mark commented that these types of beams were particularly difficult to source at their age as they are slower grown, adding to the overall aged appeal of McCarthy’s Orchard Cellar door.

“This way our vision of having a wood, metal and earth colour and style combination followed throughout the whole cellar door.”

As result of Jeff’s contributions, the inside bar within the new extension has been named the ‘Jeff Sinclair’ Bar as a thank you for his contribution.

Mark highlighted the work of Lisa, who worked to build a Mural within the extension of the building, which pictures a Golden Pear tree featuring the small orange cat sitting underneath that can be spotted around the property as well as the Golden Pear trees that can be found growing outside the cellar door itself.

The new extension has been very popular with customers, receiving lots of great remarks from customers enjoying the space.

As the winter months approach, the space will soon be equipped with space heaters to complement the 170 solar panels already installed on the property, ensuring that the energy used is renewable.

The opening of this new extension highlights the chance for many more events such as Weddings to be held within the new space, with McCarthy’s Orchard offering generous, well priced wedding packages held entirely on the property.

Take a trip down to McCarthy’s Orchard this weekend to check out their new renovated extension within their cellar door, a location and experience in which lends itself to being a very relaxed environment.

McCarthy’s Orchard
Where: 207 Sand Rd, McLaren Flat SA 5171
Open: Cellar door open Friday to Sunday 11-5 with wood oven pizzas by Bella, and Mon 12-4 for drinks.

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