FIRST LOOK: New cafe A Place Coffee brews up Bowden’s social scene

New cafe A Place Coffee has opened in Bowden offering great food, coffee and sense of community.

Image: Liam Tang

Under the Nightingale building in Bowden, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee now wafts through the air, since the opening of A Place Coffee – a new hub for community, sustainability, and delicious beverages.

Led by Jo Nguyen and her husband Huy Bui, A Place Coffee is promising to deliver exceptional coffee while fostering connections and positive impacts on both people and the environment.

“Our main focus is on community and coffee, bringing these two elements together,” explains co-owner Jo Nguyen, drawing from her experience managing Exchange Coffee in the CBD to recreate that sense of camaraderie in the heart of Bowden.

However, A Place Coffee offers more than just a caffeine fix. Jo and Huy are dedicated to sourcing coffee beans with impeccable traceability and sustainability practices, ensuring that each cup not only tastes great but also contributes to environmental and social well-being.

Partnering with Market Lane, renowned for its sustainable practices and ethical sourcing, A Place Coffee serves a seasonal blend alongside alternative milks that reflect their values.

The decision to establish their cafe in Bowden was a natural one for Jo and Huy, who feel deeply connected to the neighbourhood’s burgeoning community spirit.

“Bowden is an up-and-coming area, close to the city but with a suburban community vibe,” says Jo, noting their affinity for the building’s facade and its fortuitous link to the Nightingale building which offers socially, environmentally, and financially sustainable homes. 

Reflecting its commitment to sustainability, A Place Coffee’s cozy interior, spanning just 25 square meters, radiates a welcoming atmosphere. Wooden accents soften the industrial aesthetic, while communal bench seating outside encourages interactions and the chance to meet new people.

A Place Coffee offers a variety of nibbles sourced from local providers, including pastries from fold and matcha from Melbourne. From espresso to filter coffee, and even low-calorie sodas and juices from the Adelaide Hills, there’s something for everyone.

A Place Coffee
Where: 37 Second Street, Bowden
Open: Mon-Fri 7am – 3pm, Sat 8am – 2pm, Sun CLOSED
More info:
Website: Click here

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