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NOW OPEN: New Sri Lankan restaurant spices up the streets of Unley

Step through the doors of Unley’s latest dining experience, Taprobane, and you’ll find yourself immersed in Sri Lanka.

Step through the ornately carved doors of Taprobane and immerse yourself in the aromas, flavours, cultural icons, and aesthetics of Sri Lanka. With a “taste of Ceylon” as its slogan, it draws cultural references from its former days on the ancient Silk Road to the bustling streets of today, upon which tuk-tuks and intoxicating kitchen aromas flow through the streets.

Umesh and Shreeni Randeniya, the owners of Taproban, are seasoned explorers of the world’s palates. This latest venture is the third addition to their successful portfolio, which includes Agape Greek Cuisine and Amor Restaurant & Bar, a celebration of Spanish and Portuguese flavours.

During our chat with Shreeni, she shared that her husband Umesh wasn’t content with only creating a menu that paid tribute to Sri Lanka’s distinctive flavours. He wanted to create a Sri Lankan experience that was so authentic that it served as a teaser for those who are yet to visit his home and a gift of nostalgia to those who once called it home.

“Taprobane is entirely Umesh’s vision. He’s planned everything, from the carved furniture to every artifact hanging on the walls. It’s all been custom-designed and made in Sri Lanka. Everything is made to measure, so it sits perfectly within our space.”

Everything is tailor-made, from the bespoke bar to the commissioned paintings, including the clay pots that were made to match every dish on their extensive menu. Speaking of which, let’s dive into Taprobane’s hero—the food!

To guarantee the integrity of every dish, Umesh has invited chefs from Sri Lanka to join his kitchen.

You can douse your Biryani Rice with a variety of savoury curries and sambals, with added zest from their range of pickles and chutneys. Then, if you have room left, sign off your feast with a yummy sweet from their dessert menu.

While many dishes would be easily recognised by many, there’s also a generous selection that encourages exploration into new flavours and ways of consumption. Taprobane appreciates that some guests prefer to roll with the ‘tried and tested’ for fear of committing to a full dish of uncertainty. So, on special occasions, they offer buffet options. You’ll need to watch their social media for announcements of these buffet events. I know I will be; I want to try all the flavours… on the same plate at the same time!

Shreeni’s pride in her new venture with Umesh is palpable, “It’s the entire atmosphere, you feel like you’re in Sri Lanka! It’s not like going to a Sri Lankan restaurant that only focuses on the food. Taprobane is more than that. Even Sri Lankans are amazed. They’ve told us they feel like they’re in Sri Lanka when they’re dining in the restaurant. They’re very excited about the restaurant because there’s no other place like it.”

Taprobane – A Taste of Ceylon
Where: 60 Unley Road, Unley.
To find out more, check out Taprobane’s Facebook page.

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