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Nugg Lyf Opening Shipping Container Street Food Space

The team behind Nugg Lyf have launched the Container Project, a new kitchen selling street foods from a Shipping Container in Torrensville.


The team that brought you Nugg Lyf is launching ‘The Container Project’, selling street food from a shipping container in Torrensville.

The founders Emily Lorimar & Josh O’Shaughnessy have created a street food menu which offers burgers, wings, desserts and their famous chicken and vegan Nuggs. These options are made to be delicious, yet quick and simple.

The Container Project team are excited to take on a new adventure and open this new space

“We were given an opportunity to use a shipping container out of the space we keep our food truck so we thought let’s give it a shot,” says Emily.

The shipping container venue has a focus on making burgers and the team thinks they have a winning recipe to allow them to stand out from the rest.

“For me the most important part of the burger experience is the patty, so we worked with our local butcher to create a Wagyu beef blend which tastes amazing. We then decided to keep it simple with burger filings to allow the taste of the patty to really come through” says Josh.

The founders of the Container Project hope to eventually expand the venue to make it an exciting shared space.

“Our long term goal is to turn this space into a cool hub where food trucks and other street vendors can run alongside the container creating a cool space full of different style street food. We think it’s something that is missing in Adelaide right now, so hopefully we can make it happen!” says Emily.

The Container Project is located at 41 Ashwin Parade, Torrensville, SA, 5031.

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