Nutella Christmas Pudding Exists (And It's Delicious)!

Nutella Christmas Pudding Exists (And It’s Delicious)!

An Adelaide establishment has won our hearts (and stomachs) with the ultimate in Christmas desserts.


It’s well known here in the office that Christmas pudding is often not the universal crowd pleaser it claims to be. By were pretty sure we’ve found one that does actually tick all the boxes!!

Adelaide establishment, Rigonis Bistro has pulled out the ultimate Christmas pudding as a dessert on their specials list this week, and it features our favourite spread (condiment, spoon-filler, basically all-rounder), Nutella.

Yes, you read that right, Nutella.

This boozy treat features a helpful lashing cointreau to complement the fruity chocolate pudding (and help with the holiday mood) served with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream… and did we mention the Nutella!?!

Being a Christmas special this won’t last long (they close for the holidays on the 24th). So better get down to Leigh St and grab a coffee (maybe laced with Baileys?) and this truly delicious Christmas pudding.

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