Off-grid accomodation pods proposed for Fleurieu Peninsula’s alpaca safari farm

Softfoot Alpacas and Wildlife Park in Hindmarsh Valley has proposed two new accomodation pods on the 600-acre property.

Softfoot Alpacas and Wildlife Park, found among the serene landscapes of the Fleurieu Peninsula, is proposing to build two more innovative accommodation pods.

These pods, designed to blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings, will add to the experience at Softfoot Alpacas and Wildlife Park, which is arguably one of South Australia’s hidden gems.

Softfoot Farm in Hindmarsh Valley, established in the late 1990s, has transformed over the years into a sanctuary for both wildlife and visitors seeking respite from urban life.

Initially dedicated to a forestry project aimed at environmental conservation by planting 50,000 indigenous trees and shrubs, the farm later became home to a prized herd of World Class Alpacas from Peru which owner Gary believes are “the BEST alpacas in the world”.

In the early 2000s, the Retallick family’s vision expanded to include four feral-proof sanctuaries, serving as a genetic ark for endangered Australian marsupials. They’ve been dedicated to sustainable tourism and conservation efforts since they first started.

Visitors to Softfoot Alpacas and Wildlife Park are treated to a number of fun experiences, whether you’re there for the day, or for a tranquil getaway.

Guests can explore the 600-acre property on alpaca safaris, getting up close and personal with the majestic animals while learning about their habitat and behaviours. There’s also nocturnal safari adventures where you can spot long nosed potoroos, woylies (brush-tailed bettongs), tammar wallabies, red bellied pademelons, rufous bettongs,  southern brown bandicoots, brush-tailed rock wallabies (critically endangered), and more.

For those seeking a deeper immersion into nature, the farm’s Swagman Country Dining restaurant offers a slow-food experience, with nutritious meals crafted from locally sourced ingredients. There’s also a boutique featuring one-of-a-kind gift items and a museum exhibit of Australian Studio pottery to explore while there.

Softfoot Farm received a 2022 Traveler’s Choice Award thanks to visitor’s who reviewed its alpaca and nocturnal tours so positively, making it rated in the top 10% of attractions worldwide.

While plans are in place for the new accommodation pods, Softfoot Alpacas and Wildlife Park already offer a range of different accommodation options which it got approval to build in 2020. The three stunning retreats offer a deck overlooking the eucalypt forest, with one hosting a bath on deck for a more luxurious getaway experience.

The proposed construction of two additional tourist accommodation pods represents a significant investment in Softfoot Alpacas and Wildlife Park’s commitment to providing exceptional experiences for guests.

These single-story units will feature a bedroom, living area, bathroom, and outdoor alfresco space, accommodating a maximum of two guests each. Designed to maximise views of the surrounding landscape, the pods will incorporate MonolithTM wall cladding and large glazed windows so you can look out into the tranquil natural wonderland.

The proposed retreat pods will boast designs that blend scale, height, colours, materials, and finishes of a top-notch architectural standard and will blend in with the breathtaking countryside.

The proposed tourist accommodation aims to attract visitors to the enchanting Fleurieu Peninsula, offering a unique lodging option that seamlessly integrates into the diverse array of activities available at Softfoot Farm.

Softfoot Alpacas and Wildlife Park
Where: 594 Sawpit Road, Hindmarsh Valley
More info: Click here

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