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Offspring’s Linda Cropper In Adelaide For Local Short Film


Linda CropperLinda Cropper is in Adelaide to star in a local short film ‘A Small Town Problem’.

Linda is most recently known as Geraldine Proudman in the hit TV Series Offspring and worked with Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg on The Pacific. One of Australia’s most versatile and accomplished actors, Linda Cropper has a string of film credits to her name.

Local filmmakers Alexandra Blue (Producer), Dave Wade (Director) and Maxx Corkindale (DOP) have been lucky enough to be awarded the South Australian Film Corporation’s Short Film Fund this year for a comedy called A Small Town Problem. The team has been fortunate enough to secure Linda for one of the lead roles in the film. Linda flies in on Tuesday for a whirlwind four days on set, shooting in country locations such as Lower Light, Dublin and Middle Beach.

There has been a lot of buzz around the script, which is a quirky comedy about the strength of community. After a young boy accidentally shoots a stranger with his fathers gun, it is left to the nonchalant townsfolk to cover it up as quickly as possible – so they can get back to doing whatever it was that they were doing before.

The project is supported by mentor producer David Lightfoot (Wolf Creek, Rouge, Coffin Rock) who says “ “A Small Town Problem’ is a terrific and delightful project…tight and beautifully crafted, Dave Wade’s script is classic black comedy-but highly original in its setting – a small outback town. In the past, I’ve been approached to oversee and mentor many short films. However, this wonderful film, together with the talented and dynamic team of filmmakers, David, Alex and Maxx- is arguably the most exciting I’ve been attached to”.

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