‘Oklahoma’ Horses Around At Four Oaks Farm

Emma Knights Productions is about to present an inventive one-off – ‘Oklahoma’ performed on a farm with real horses!!


Emma Knights Productions was formed by Miss Knights to create an experience for the public that was more immersive than sitting in a theatre and at the same time give new life to some of the older shows. Her first show of this ilk was Pirates Of Penzance On Popeye, which was a huge success with sellout seasons both in 2014 and 2015.

So how to top it in 2016? By staging Rogers and Hammerstein’s musical theatre classic Oklahoma on a farm with real horses of course!

When asked how this particular idea came about, Emma said “A number of people in my Pirates cast had been involved with Oklahoma previously and so the idea came into my head. I did a Google search looking for a farm to put it on and found Four Oaks. I took a country drive one afternoon and headed down to the property. It was perfect for what I had in mind and so I took some photos. Whilst doing so, Sue rode up on her tractor and asked me if I needed some assistance. I mentioned “this may seem a little strange, but” and told her of my idea. Sue loved the idea and said that she had always wanted to do music events on the farm but did not have the knowledge to make it happen! So it was a match made in heaven! Earlier this year we ran a Good Ol’ Fashioned Barn Dance, just to give the venue a trial and to see whether people would make the trek and it was really successful so we moved to the next step of doing Oklahoma.

This production will be an immersive musical event showcasing a stunning rural South Australian backdrop (Four Oaks Farm at Littlehampton), real horses and some delicious local produce, with activities including pony rides, good ol’ fashioned audience participation in the box social dance, a merry-go-round, country baked goods and much more.

Directed by Fiona DeLaine and musically directed by Mark Delaine (both known through Adelaide for their top class work) this highly innovative production will feature some of the best local musical theatre talent present at this time, including Andrew Crispe, Bec Raymond, Wendy Rayner, Charlie Smith, Angus Smith, Michael Bates, Alana Shepherdson and James McCluskey-Garcia, to name but only a few.

Oklahoma (on a farm) is sure to capture the imagination of the young and the young at heart – but hurray as the season is only for four performances 7 – 10 Jan 2016 at Four Oaks Farm, 23 Downing Road, Littlehampton.

Bookings can be made online at

Prices: · Adult- $43 · Concession- $38 · Children- $25


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