Plans for the timber from Old Granite Island Causeway have been revealed

The old Granite Island Causeway which closed on provided the only link between Granite Island and mainland Victor Harbor for more than 120 years. 

The $43 million revitalisations of one of South Australia’s greatest tourism drawcards, the Granite Island Causeway, re-opened last year to great excitement. 

Following a successful summer season, the original causeway has now been decommissioned.

The old Granite Island Causeway which closed on 31 January 2022 provided the only link between Granite Island and mainland Victor Harbor for more than 120 years. 

Now thanks to a new recycling initiative, timbers will be inspected to see if they can be repurposed. 

Preparation works will be carried out first before the de-construction of the old causeway which will assess the suitability of the timber for re-use. 

According to the Department of Transport and Infrastructure that timber will be sorted and where reusable will be prioritised for re-use as follows:

  • replacement timber where required on the remaining old Causeway viewing platforms;
  • reuse throughout the project (seating, signage, art);
  • stored for re-use on DIT marine jetty structures;
  • allocated to council and DEW (for re-use on local community projects); and
  • made available to registered interested parties.

All decommissioning works will be undertaken during daylight hours and loud construction will be managed to minimise disruption to the community. 

Visitors to the causeway are asked to note that beach access underneath both Causeways will be closed to the public until the completion of the project in the second half of 2022. The protection of marine fauna and flora will be at the forefront of the planning and monitoring during the scheduled works.

It is anticipated that a substantial amount of timber will be unsuitable for re-purposing and will be disposed of.

Until the timber structure is decommissioned the Department will not be able to determine the quantities of timber that may be available to interested parties.

The Department cannot guarantee that timber will be available to those who register their interest.

Interested parties can register their details. All interested parties will be advised once more information on the condition of the timbers is known.

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