On the Brink of 2011

Leading South Australian theatre company Brink Productions unveiled its 2011 program today to an intimate audience at Jolley’s Boathouse, Adelaide.

Featuring the world premieres of two new works, Skip Miller’s Hit Songs by Sean Riley and Land & Sea by Nicki Bloom, the program remains true to Brink’s signature collaborative style while diving head on into vibrant performance traditions and alternate realities.

Artistic Director, Chris Drummond said of the works, “Skip Millers Hit Songs is a piece from the heart. It has been created from a rich pool of theatrical images and stories drawn from the people of Burundi, Liberia, South Africa, Senegal and Australia. With this work we’re not attempting to address enormous geo-political issues, so much as paint portraits of people caught between two worlds. For the Brink cast and crew it has become a work of tremendous passion.”

Whereas Skip Miller’s Hit Songs is grounded in African and Australian culture, Land & Sea is a departure from reality. “The theatrical equivalent of an optical illusion, Land & Sea is like walking through an Escher painting or living in a dream. Immersing yourself in new worlds where anything is possible has been an exciting process for the artists and we’re looking forward to sharing it with an audience”, said Drummond.

Skip Miller’s Hit Songs
By Sean Riley
Adelaide Fringe 2011
Skip Miller doesn’t take pretty pictures but he collects good music. A celebrated frontline photojournalist, he has spent years documenting the war zones of Africa and the faces of the dispossessed. A multi-narrative ensemble work for African and Australian actors and musicians, Skip Miller’s Hit Songs is an intimate, honest and open-hearted exploration of lives caught between two worlds.

Land & Sea
By Nicki Bloom
A gun. A bath. A telephone. An island.
The island is all Vera has ever known. She lives with her father, a man who lights stars in the darkness, paints clouds in the sky and conjures the evening tide. One night after a storm a young man washes up on the shore, half dead… Inspired by concepts of strange loops, alternate realities and Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Land & Sea is exciting, kaleidoscopic theatre.

Skip Miller’s Hit Songs will run from 12 February to 6 March at the Odeon Theatre, Norwood as part of Adelaide Fringe 2011, with Land & Sea programmed for an 8 November opening at Space Theatre, Adelaide Festival Centre. Tickets for both shows are on sale through BASS from 1 December, with tickets for Skip Miller’s Hit Songs also available through FringeTIX from 8 January.

Brink Productions creates original theatre through long-term collaborations with artists and non-artists from different disciplines and backgrounds.

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