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On the Couch with Nick Giannopoulos

After braving a media storm on Adelaide radio Nick Giannopoulos runs the gauntlet to discuss his new movie Kings of Mykonos: Wogboy 2.  The film will be released on Thursday 10th May.

Q: It must be exciting to have an International release of your new film?

A: Yes we are having the northern hemisphere premiere on the Island of Mykonos where the filming took place which will be exciting for all the locals involved in the production.  Mykonos only has a population of 8000.  Also it will only be called The Kings of Mykonos, we are dropping the Wogboy 2 tag as they haven’t been exposed to the first film, and its a stand alone movie in its own right.  When i started writing the screenplay it actually didn’t start as a sequel, it evolved from the actual true story of the The King of Mykonos bedding 43 women in one summer.


Q: How did you go about casting Zeta Makropoulia and Cosima Coppola who are both incrediably stunning women by the way?

A: Zeta is the biggest star in Greece, she is considered a goddess so was obviously a natural choice and were delighted to have her come aboard.  I was having a coffee with Zeta in Mykonos and a waiter brings over a cake inscribed with icing were the words “will you marry me”.  She looked nonchalant about it all and later confessed she gets proposed to all the time such is her star attraction.  Zeta is currently presenting Greece’s first series of Dancing with the Stars.

Cosima is a well known Italian actress/dancer.  Her quality stood out during her audition in Rome and this is her first feature film.


Q: How difficult was it to get permission to film in Mykonos, particularly during peak season?

A: Very difficult and the locals were initially wary of us but by the end of the six week shoot they were like family.  It will be nice to catch up with them at the premiere in Mykonos.


Q: The “Greekonomics” theme is a bit topical at the moment with the Greek Financial crisis are you surprised by this?

A: Well Chris Anastassiades and I wrote how we saw Greece at that time and it is very much like that with the kickbacks, family and friends freeloading so its not surprising.  However I am a bit concerned at how the Mykonians will view this when watching the film.  I think they have a good sense of humour and will be able to see the lighter side of it.

TJ: Any chance of a re-edit before the premiere in Mykonos?  NG: No I think its part of what we experienced there and is inherent to that “Fish out of water” theme of differences and identity.


Q: Vince Colosimo’s character Frank had to endure all of the crazy stunts and harder time with the girls than your character Steve, was this some off screen Greco-Italo rivalry translating on screen?

A: Why is it people dont think I could pull a chick like Zeta!  Look all is not what it appears in the movie and Vince wasn’t in any danger at any point.  Where is the love for Nick though everyone seems to be more interested in Alex Dimitriades or Vince Colosimo’s welfare.  More importantly the question should be to Ethnic Australians who are they supporting in the World Cup coming up in South Africa.  As for me it will be whoever is winning!


Q: Do you think there will be a Wogboy 3 and if so how will it evolve?

A: Not sure but I get lots of people wanting to present me with ideas.  Do you have any ideas? TJ: Have you seen Jersey Shore?  Its like the next generation of Italians in USA.  NG:  No I haven’t seen Jersey Shore, but the Americans are just so far behind us in many things.  I have her of the Guidos and Guidettes thing though.IMG_0003

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