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One Caravan, Three Shows; The Most Unique Fringe Shows You Need To Read About

Three totally different Fringe shows, all in one unique venue…

One caravan, three shows… This may just be the most awesome/strangest/alluring combination of Fringe shows that we have heard of yet…

Dan Goronszy and Sharyn Brand, along with their 1980s caravan come theatre space appropriately donned The Grand Caravan, will be hitting Gluttony with three completely different but equally intriguing shows; Destination Home, Blood.Sex.Tears and Gutzy! Gutz! Gutz!

First up is Destination Home, a show that presents a parallel story of rental housing and the universal search to be housed in a world where options become increasingly fewer. Where secrets are kept, and
questions are demanded answers to. Where lifestyle choice is challenged. Using thirty hand-crafted disembodied heads, the story seamlessly combines puppetry, text and physical theatre in a quirky, shifting narrative of displacement.

Then comes Blood. Sex. Tears. One of the most wonderful/strange/different/we need to go just to see what it is all about shows in this year’s Fringe program… It is an interactive, immersive sound installation in two parts. It is both conversational and confessional.

So Part 1: The Voicing, is all about entering The Grand Caravan. It will only take half a minute. You are asked to talk about blood, sex or tears. Could you talk about blood? Do you have a story containing sex? What do you know of tears? After choosing an envelope: Blood, Sex or Tears, you then read the instructions, proceed to press play on an old style tape recorder, and when the light goes out you press stop.

And then comes the really interesting part, Part Two: The Listening. Step inside the intimate space of The Grand Caravan, unlike anything you have heard before, you will be immersed within a stream of stories, secrets, joys and pains as three simple words interconnect and collide.

Like we said, we just cannot imagine missing this one, it sounds so unbelievably fascinating.

And finally, there is one for the kids (although we wouldn’t mind giving this one a go too)… Gutzy! Gutz! Gutz! sees the caravan transformed into a giant human digestive system. Step over the teeth, crawl into the mouth and onto the tongue. Don’t worry, Gutzy wont bite! Watch out for the epiglottis! Turn left down the oesophagus and pop off to the stomach. What’s next? The intestines! Prepare for the end…push yourself out the sphincture and down the slippery slide!! This interactive detective game will see kids trying to discover why poor Gutzy has a tummy ache and just cannot stop farting…

Yeah, see, three totally different and totally unmissable Fringe shows all coming together in one of the most unique Fringe venues, a caravan…

Destination Home
Venue: The Grand Caravan – Gluttony
Dates: Feb 16 – Mar 5, Tues – Sat
Times: Tue, Wed, Thu 8pm | Fri 6:30 | Sat 7:30
Cost: Cheap Tues $15 | All other days Full: $23 | Concession $18 | Bank SA Supported Act $10| TreV $18| Group 6 + $20

Blood. Sex. Tears
Venue: The Grand Caravan – Gluttony
The Voicing: Free drop-in, 3 minute experience.
Dates: Feb 13, 14, 16, 24, Sat
Times: Tue 10 – 11 | Sun 7 – 8 | Wed 5:30 – 6:30
The Listening: $10 tickets, shows every 15 minutes
Dates: Feb 19 – 21, 26 – 28, 4 – 6
Times: Fri 9:00 – 10:30 | Sat 10:00 – 11:00 | Sun 7 – 8:30

Gutzy! Gutz! Gutz!
Venue: The Grand Caravan – Gluttony
Dates: Feb 20-21, 27-28 | Mar 5-6
Cost: $5 at the Mouth

Find out more about all of these shows here.

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