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One of Adelaide’s oldest pubs Edinburgh Castle Hotel rumoured to return

Rumours have swirled that the iconic Edinburgh Castle Hotel on Currie Street will reopen its doors in November.

Image: Edinburgh Castle Hotel

In the heart of Adelaide’s inner city, a historic establishment may be on the cusp of making a grand return. Rumours are swirling that the iconic Edinburgh Castle Hotel on Currie Street might soon reopen its doors.

The Edinburgh Castle Hotel holds a significant place in the annals of South Australian history. Dating back to 1837, it boasts the oldest trading license in the state.

In 2018, then owner Tony Bond handed back the lease on the property, leading to the closure of the well-known institution. The decision was, in part, attributed to the challenges posed by the construction of an adjacent $80 million student accommodation complex.

Fast forward to the present, the hope of the Edinburgh Castle Hotel reopening has been reignited due to a post on the Adelaide Hospitality Jobs Facebook Page.

The post announced a job listing for the Edinburgh Castle Hotel. It mentioned the reopening of the venue this November and listed various positions, including Sous Chefs, Chef de Parties, Qualified Chefs, Apprentice Chefs, Restaurant Managers, Bar Staff, and Waitstaff.


The Facebook post also provided a glimpse into what the Edinburgh Castle Hotel might offer upon its return, including a live entertainment area, a front bar, a massive beer garden, and a dedicated functions area. Furthermore, it promised a positive work culture, attractive benefits, and the chance to be part of the pre-opening team.

While the rumour mill is abuzz, the Edinburgh Castle Hotel has remained silent on its official social media channels.

One Facebook user, Spoz Spozington, re-shared the post noting, “I’ve LONG lost count of all the times I’ve seen mention of this place returning from the dead… only for those plans to promptly fizzle.”

“Fingers crossed juuuust in case!”

For decades, this establishment has played a vital role in the fabric of Adelaide’s nightlife and history. Its rumoured return is not just a matter of nostalgia; it signifies the potential revival of a cherished piece of local culture.

For updates you can follow The Edinburgh Castle Hotel’s Instagram page here for any announcements.

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