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Ong Vietnamese Kitchen set to open on Rundle Street

Ong will focus on smaller servings of food best enjoyed with a beverage, much like many of the other bars in the East End.


The team behind Fullarton’s Noi Vietnamese Eatery will be opening a new restaurant on Rundle Street.

Run by husband and wife duo Quang and Thy Nguyen, Ong Vietnamese Kitchen will be serving up Vietnamese goodness by the end of next month.

Unlike its popular sister eatery, Ong will have more of a focus on smaller servings of food, which Quang says are best enjoyed with a beverage – much like many of the other bars in the East End.

“It’s our take on Vietnamese food, definitely a more modern approach with a focus on smaller dishes,” Quang says.

“There’s going to be some regional stuff but it’s going to be oriented around eating and drinking.

“It’s a different style of eating but there will still be traces of our flavour profile and how we think about food – it’s a different concept but there will be that familiarity.”

As Ong’s head chef, Quang will use a combination of local produce, home grown ingredients and Vietnamese products to craft his dishes.

Ong will be located in the building which housed Thy’s parent’s family restaurant, Chopstix on Rundle, for 16 years before COVID-19 forced its closure.

The Vietnamese bar and kitchen will add another notch to Quang and Thy’s food-based belt alongside Noi and Shibui Dessert Bar.

Quang says the pair have prepared Ong for its opening, as they juggle running multiple businesses with their siblings and bringing up their five-month old daughter, Blair.

“It’s definitely been interesting, we’re pretty fortunate it’s like a big family affair as there’s three siblings involved,” Quang says.

“We all split our time between the shops and whatnot so we’re definitely lucky it’s not just us.”

The former Chopstix location has seen a complete renovation as the pair came up with the eatery’s design concept themselves.

Quang says they then sought further expertise to make their vision for Ong come to life.

“The whole place is getting a makeover – everything old’s gone,” Quang says.

“My wife drew up some drawings, decided the colour palette, and chose the furniture.

“Then we got extra help from Ulli from international design solutions for some finishing touches.”

Ong Vietnamese Kitchen is set to open mid-November and you can find it at 287 Rundle Street.

You can stay up to date with Ong ahead of their opening by connecting with them on Facebook or Instagram.

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