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Online Shopping Gets Personal

It’s The New Black is an online boutique with that something extra, created by eyebrow queen Meisha Wright and stylist extraordinaire Lucy Mcgill.


Its The New BlackIt’s The New Black is an online boutique with that something extra.  Created by eyebrow queen Meisha Wright and stylist extraordinaire Lucy McGill, they offer a unique personalised experience to online shoppers.

Both women have worked hard to establish themselves in the fashion industry around Australia.  Wright is an acclaimed makeup artist, who after working on the Laura Mercier international makeup team in Sydney, quickly became renowned for her ability to perfectly sculpt eyebrows.

McGill established herself whilst working for the man behind Marcs, the late Mark Keighery. Not only was she his muse, she also helped develop his wholesale business and  helped him create a $10 million turnover for his business. After her stint in Sydney and a divorce, she moved back to Adelaide to open Platinum Boutique (which she later sold).  McGill’s career as a stylist took off from here as she established Wardrobe Therapy, a styling consultancy business.

Wright and McGill were able to establish themselves in their respective areas and become the staple stylist and makeup artist on a number of photo shoots, fashion parades and television commercials.

In 2007 they ran a style workshop together which sold out within days. It was from here they realised their potential as a team and began to develop ideas for their online boutique.

Its The New Black sets itself apart from others by offering a personalised experience; customers are able to communicate with the fashion gurus for advice.  Whether it be what pieces are best with what, emailing pictures of their current wardrobe for ideas, or even emailing pictures of themselves to get advise from Wright and McGill on their personal style.

International and Australia designers are showcased on the website including Ginger & Smart, Children of the Sun, Nicola Finetti, Diesal, Hussy, J-Brand, London Sole, Manning Cartel, Lucette, Willow and many more.  From the casual J-Brand jeans to the always beautiful Willow dresses,  the diversity of the designers on offer means there is something for everyone, for all occasions.

The website is not limited to clothes, there are a number of designer shoes and accessories available and with the ability to ask for the stylists’ help you really can’t go wrong!

So next time you’re looking to shop online, head to for a really unique online shopping experience.

Oh and keep an eye out for their ‘Designer Q & A’ section for hot tips straight from the designers.  Check it out now for designer Camilla Franks’ fashion forecasts.

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