Oodie founder’s line of dog beds reduces pooch anxiety

Oodie founder Davie Fogarty has not only created ways for us to stay warm and cosy this winter, but our dogs as well, with his anxiety-reducing line of dog-beds.

Image credit: Pupnaps.

As Adelaide continues to be battered by wild weather, it’s no wonder that some of our pups and pooches can become a little nervous during stormy seasons.

It’s hard to know what to do to help make our furry friends feel better when stressed or anxious, but luckily Aussie brand business Pupnaps, has a line of calming dog beds designed to reduce anxiety in your pooch, that can be brought on by storms or fireworks.

Founded by two friends, Jye de Zylva and SA local and Oodie founder David Fogarty, Pupnaps helps your dog feel safe and secure during bouts of anxiety through the dog bed’s soft faux fur, comfortable padding and raised rim.

Studies show 40% of dogs will experience anxiety at some point in their life, while one in four dogs can suffer from separation anxiety.

“Anxiety can really impact a dog’s quality of life, not to mention the guilt and fear that owners have whenever they need to leave their pets alone,” says De Zylva.

“I really wanted to create a product that solves this problem and improves the mental health of our pets, while giving dog owners peace of mind when they need to leave their dog alone or outside for a few hours.”

For De Zylva, his passion and drive to create an anxiety-reducing product for dogs stem from personal experience. His loved kelpie suffers separation anxiety and was prone to running away when De Zylva wasn’t home all the time. For South Australian Davie Fogarty, Pupnaps allowed him to combine the success of the calming blanket and Ooddie with his love for dogs.

“While products such as ‘thundershirts’ have been around for years, there was an absence of other products that successfully support the mental health of our pets,” says Fogarty.

“Dogs spend a lot of time enjoying their bed, whether they’re relaxing, napping or playing, and introducing dog owners to the idea of a stress-relieving bed was a no-brainer for us.”

As the brand continued to evolve, Pupsnaps has ventured out from their original bed, creating a bamboo base for hot summer nights and an orthopaedic memory foam bed for older pups. Next month, the company will launch an orthopaedic floor rug similar to the memory foam bed, and a calming couch allowing your pooch to sit with the rest of the family.

The company has also gone from strength to strength in the two years since it opened, generating over $1 million per month in sales revenue.

The perfect bed for your nervous and stressed poochy pals, Pupnaps has cemented itself as the product for reducing anxiety, allowing your pups to return to their happy, tail-wagging selves.

Check out Pupnaps products here, or keep up to date on their Facebook.

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