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Argentinian steakhouse meets the beach at Fuego by the Sea

Fuego by the Sea is has hit the shores of West Beach at the Adelaide Sailing Club, serving a versatile menu.

Merging culinary culture with gorgeous ocean views, Fuego by the Sea is now open for business on the shores of West Beach.

Previously Oceanique, Fuego by the Sea is located at the Adelaide Sailing Club. The word ‘Fuego’ means ‘fire,’ translating the venue name to ‘fire by the sea’- which stems from the charcoal grill in the kitchen which will be used to cook their meats and seafood.

The restaurant exudes a relaxed atmosphere boasting a large balcony which spans across the front of the venue, which will be a great spot to relax during the warmer months amongst the sea breeze.

“The vibe is a complete beach front with uninterrupted views. It’s a gorgeous space we have, with the large balcony, inside restaurant dining and the function room has the same ocean view. It is all windows, anywhere you sit you can see the water,” Fuego events and marketing coordinator Kat Trimboli says.

“The feel used to be more of an ‘older’ vibe, but we’re kind of bringing it back down to basics. There is a caravan park right next door so we will be offering family-orientated things, along with Friday night drinks and events on the balcony,” Kat says.

Three talented owners have come together to create the venue, who each have a passion for food and culture- and the food is the star of the show.

Danny Sauchelli is the head chef, who has a wealth of experience in the food industry- 35 years, in fact. He started out as the Gauchos original head chef when it first opened before opening his own restaurants and businesses. In the 3 years prior to opening Fuego, Danny had a catering business- ‘Fuego catering,’ which is what inspired the restaurant.

The second owner is Marcia Martins. Hailing from Brazil, Marcia moved to Melbourne, running Meat & Wine Co before transferring to Adelaide and starting catering with no other than Danny himself at Fuego.

Then, a third party came into play- Dario Fontanarosa. Dario owns a business in Newton called Fine Foods Cucina, a popular hotspot with Europeans on that side of town. After people (kindly) pestered him for years to open something in the West, this was his opportunity to fulfil their wish.

Between then three of them comes Argentinian, Spanish and Italian infused food- three worlds of flavours which will all be represented in the versatile menu.

“The food is everything here. It all comes from passion and it all comes from culture. For the three owners, it’s the flavours they grew up with and loved. They love good food, they love their culture, and giving the public a taste of their culture and where they’ve come from,” Kat says.

“When you eat the food, you feel like you can actually feel the love from the chef in the food; you eat the food and you know it was made with love. We want Adelaide to enjoy and love the food as much as we do.”

There are two sides to the menu: one full of charcoal meats and platters which is more high-end, such as scotch fillets, porterhouse steak, and twice cooked pork belly. For all the meat lovers out there, this is the place to be. The other side includes more classic favourites such as salt and pepper squid and burgers.

“Theres something for everyone; we want to make everyone’s experience a lovely one,” Kat says.

Kat says some crowd favourites will no doubt be the Chimichurri chicken, a dish Fuego Catering is renowned for, the mixed grill, and, in fact, anything cooked on the charcoal.

The venue caters for christenings, weddings, 21st’s, corporate events, anything you can think of, and Kat says they are anticipating a busy summer with events already booked in for the end of the year.

Visit Feugo by the Sea on Facebook and Instagram.

WHAT: Fuego by the Sea.
WHERE: 9 Barcoo Rd, West Beach SA 5024.
WHEN: Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Wednesday 8am-3:30pm, Thursday 8am-8:30pm, Friday and Saturday 8am-9pm and Sunday, 8am-3:30pm.

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