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Opening night ‘Frenzy’ At Mark Lobert Gallery

Why not go along to the opening of acclaimed artist, Mark Lobert’s impassioned ‘Frenzy’ exhibition this Friday?


Opening night of ‘Frenzy’ will be officially opened by Jay Weatherall this Friday 3rd of August at 6.30 at the Mark Lobert Gallery with guests including the Mayor of Port Adelaide and Salisbury attending.

Award wining artist, Mark Lobert’s ‘Frenzy’ exhibition evinces its title perfectly: colourful, wild and energetic. Lobert’s presentation is composed of large-scale flowers using acrylic and spot resigns as well as a collection of colorful butterfly depictions that symbolize the start of life.

Guests can also view works by contributing artists including photography by Naomi Clarke and Amanda Phillips, a video loop by Alexander Waite Mitchell and paintings by Stephanie Wotzki.

The concept behind ‘Frenzy’ was birthed by less than fortunate circumstances. Lobert was diagnosed with a life threatening illness and realised he needed to slow his fast-paced life down.

“I realised life can be so frenetic, stressful and manic and everyone is guilty of overlooking the finer details in life. This exhibition is about slowing it down and absorbing what’s before us,” says Lobert.

Now in remission, Lobert’s ‘Frenzy’ is truly a celebration of life in the present and leaves one feeling exuberant, galvanized and inspired.

The opening night is open to the public and if you’re planning on attending, it’s best to notify the gallery on 8240 4001 or click ‘attending’ on the Facebook event page here.

The Mark Lobert Gallery is located in the historic Port Adelaide bank building at 111a Lipson Street.

The exhibition will run for four weeks throughout the SALA festival and is open from 10am to 5pm on Wednesday to Sunday.


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