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This Natural, Anti-Ageing Superfood Powder Might Be Just The Thing For Your Post-Lockdown Skin

This SA health brand has created a superfood powder that’s perfect for your morning smoothie and might do your skin a favour as well.


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Let’s be honest, our skin could do with a bit of a boost post-lockdown. So the timing of the new AGE-LESS from Optimal Essentials couldn’t be more perfect.

Packed with a serious blend of superfoods, AGE-LESS powder has been scientifically proven to naturally hydrate and repair skin, build collagen and also repair DNA. 

The magic behind this super formula?

Nature’s most potent superfoods.

Think lucuma (also known as the gold of the Incas), lions mane mushrooms, turmeric, hibiscus, beetroot and astragalus.

These super charged nutrients nourish your body and restore the balance of NAD levels in your body, helping to boost skin hydration and radiance.

Chuck it into a smoothie, bake into a cake, or simply mix with water, for a quick and tasty boost to your day.

And, you can rest easy because all Optimal Essentials products are free from nasties. No gluten, artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, fructose, dextrose, or cholesterol – only the good stuff. 

Optimal Essentials began fifteen years ago when Adelaide Doctor of Public Health and Nutrition, Dr Phil Sheldon, found that most vitamin tablets that claimed to be natural were in fact synthetic. 

So he decided to take matters into his own hands and created his own food-based powders with only natural ingredients.  

From protein to powders that can improve immunity levels, help combat stress and sleep issues, or lower cholesterol, all products are quickly digested into the body and can safely be taken while on medication or pregnancy.

You can find the Optimal Essentials range online and at National Pharmacies.

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