Orchard Bookshop starts new chapter with fresh location in the CBD

The future for book-lovers is looking very bright with the addition of the Orchard Bookshop in Rundle Mall.

It was a bright cold day in August, and the clocks were striking thirteen. That 1984 quote may be tweaked for the occasion but the fact still remains that Orchard Bookshop is dawning a new age with its new home.

From the team that brought us Chapter Two Books & Adelaide’s Pop-up Bookshop, Orchard Bookshop has moved from its previous residence in the Adelaide Central Market to the Adelaide Arcade this week.

The closure of the Central Market location came as a shock to some who thought that the bookstore was closing for good. But once we got word that they would be moving, hearts started to flutter with excitement.

Owners Kate and Nick have been a CBD staple with its Central Market location for 7 years. Once the couple received the news that the arcade would undergo a complete redevelopment, a new location had to be found.

“We saw the vacant shop in the Adelaide Arcade and thought it would be perfect. Since we’re now in this boutique retail strip, it really allows us to showcase all of our beautiful and most desired books,” Nick said.

Although the bookshop was known as a neighbourhood bookshop with the market’s communal sensibility, the pivot to the Adelaide Arcade promises to keep that same sentiment.

“I think we’re very much a product of the community spirit in the market and we’re known as the neighbourhood bookshop that people love to visit.

“We’ve always tried to go down a non-traditional path with bridging the gap between new, vintage and high-end collectable books,” Nick said.

The last few years have dispelled any ideas that print will become an antiquated art form that will slowly drop to the depths of trends once lost.

“There’s been a few difficult moments in the last few years with the rise of ebooks and online retailing but we’ve always stayed true to the books that seem to mean the most to people. We just want to help people discover their favourite books. I don’t think that sentiment has ever left us,” Nick continued.

The future for book-lovers is looking very bright with the addition of the Orchard Bookshop in Rundle Mall. With Dymocks in the Regent Theatre opening earlier this year, the print renaissance is upon us, and its purveyors couldn’t be more excited.

“We have a very strong following that we’ve garnered over the last few years and with that is a great community which makes us feel so grateful to have that level of support.

“We’re also so excited about this new book hub that seems to be taking over the CBD. With Dymocks next door, QBD, The Library and the comic stores in the mall, there’s such a fantastic vibe and no matter what you’re after you can find something. We encourage everyone to share the love with each bookshop,” Nick continued.

So share a little bit of that love with Orchard Bookshop’s new location in the Adelaide Arcade at Shop 26, 112/116 Grenfell St, Adelaide SA 5000.

Orchard Bookshop opening hours:

Tues  9am-5pm
Wed   9am-5pm
Thu    9am-5pm
Fri      8:30am-9pm
Sat     8:30am-3pm
Mon   often open lunchtimes [check first]

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