Organic Aussie Product Defies Trend of Head Lice Becoming Resistant To Treatment

While a new study has deemed over-the-counter chemical head lice treatments to be ineffective, new, certified organic products are available, which can be used to prevent and manage head lice.

A new study, published recently in the Journal of Medical Entomology, has revealed that head lice treatments that were 100% effective in killing the parasites 20 years ago, are now almost 100 percent ineffective, as the lice have developed a resistance that’s been passed down through the generations.

While this is bad news for those trying to use over-the-counter chemical treatments, new, certified organic products are available, which can be used to prevent and manage head lice.

Locally developed Eco.kid Lice Bomb is the world’s only certified organic lice treatment. It is a naturally derived botanical complex of pure plant oils and essences that aids in the removal of both lice and their eggs. Lice Bomb works by paralysing the lice, allowing for safe and easy removal of the lice and their eggs.

All chemical treatments rely on the identical one or two active ingredients, which when used by the majority of mainstream brands, eventually leads to highly resistant strains of lice. That is what has happened globally, and is currently being discussed on The Project and via their social channels. Because Lice Bomb is made of a unique proprietor complex of natural oils, all with clinically proven effectiveness against Lice, it is impossible for the Lice to develop a resistance.

Mother Nature has created these natural oil actives over millennia to protect plants against insects which would otherwise eat them, so when we leverage on this sophisticated and complex natural technology we can be confident that nature has got it right.

With Lice Bomb there are no sulphates, no parabens, no biocidal preservatives, no artificial fragrances and no artificial colourings.

Lice transfer by head to hear or hair to hair contact. They are basically blind and use their sense of smell to find their next host. Eco.kid hair products contain essential oils that smell nice to us, but not to lice. Using eco.kid organics for kids will prevent nasty lice from jumping onto your kids, and as we all know, prevention is better than cure!

All eco.kid products are certified organic and made in Australia.

For more information visit our the eco.kid website or Facebook page

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