Our Favourite Instagram Dogs Of Adelaide

The world loves dogs. The internet loves dogs. And Adelaide, like other cities around the world, loves dogs too. Here are our favourite Adelaide dogs on Instagram.

The world loves dogs. The internet loves dogs. And Adelaide, like other cities around the world, loves dogs. Like elsewhere around the globe, Adelaide has its fair share of gorgeous pups who have their old legion of fans – and here are some of our favourites. Have your own suggestions? We’d love to hear them.

Amalfi The Sheltie

Amalfi is a gorgeous, groomed, ball of sophisticated fluff, owned by Adelaide blogger Sonia Bavistock @soniastyling. He’s a 3-year-old Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie) who loves chasing balls and barking at birds.

Malamute Moosh

Another stunning dog, Mooshie is a malamute owned by artist, model and speech pathologist, Olivia Molly Rogers @oliviamolly. With over 110,000 followers, Mooshie is a celeb amongst Insta-dogs of Adelaide.

Chumpie The Bichoodle

Chumpie is a three-year-old Bichoodle who loves all kinds of adventure, but when it’s too cold she enjoys snuggling up in her cosy pink sweater.


Ned is the next happy little pup livin’ it up in Adelaide. He’s a gorgeous Cavoodle who isn’t very fond of bath time.

Tommy the Blue Heeler

Tommy is an adorable Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler and is only one-year-old. If you must have a favourite then you can’t look past this true blue boy who is a South Aussie born and bred.

Jax Teller

Jax is a cute little baby face Staffordshire Bull Terrier who will be celebrating his first birthday really soon. He loves the beach, jumping through water and across the sand. But, when he gets too tired he plonks himself down for a little nap.

Zeus The Malamute

Zeus is the name, being King is his game. This beautiful Malamute is quite the ladies man, breaking hearts in Adelaide since 2015.


Ernie the vegan is a cute little pup that enjoys running through the grass and getting back to nature.

Archer the GSD 

Not even a year old and Archer, the long coat German Shepherd, has more style than any dog we’ve ever seen. When he’s not modelling, you’ll find he eating or dreaming of food; sandwiches, peanut butter and archer-sized bones. But, sometimes they’re so big he’s not sure what to do with it.


Frankie is her name and Sausage is her game. She’s three months old and is slowing getting followers. When she’s not cuddled up in her blanket she’s throwing out them gorgeous puppy dog eyes to get what she wants.

Vada’s Ventures

One gorgeous pugalier puppy with two names, Bark Vader to dad and My Girl Vada to mum. Life can get a little confusing with two awesome names like that but, without her humans and sister, she finds life pretty boring.

Coco & Louis

The life of Coco and Louis, the Toy Poodle and Cavoodle, is pretty great. How could it not when you get to live in Adelaide with your best mate and their humans letting them swing on the playground.


Arlo is a cute miniature Dachshund who loves to eat, sleep, play, repeat. When life gets a little boring she always has her big sister and bestie Skye keeping her entertained.

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