Our first Love it for June!

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Giddy-Up 1

Giddy-Up 2

Giddyup 3

1.     Giddy-up Pony

What started off in 2001 as a public art exhibition has become a worldwide phenomenon, and The Trail of the Painted Ponies is once again trotting and galloping with 10 new stunning figurines to add to the Painted Ponies stable. Each piece is hand crafted and painted,  and the detail is amazing! From the delicate wings of a dragonfly to the last quill on a feather – it’s no surprise that Painted Ponies have developed a new art movement called ‘Pony Expressionism’. Made from resin, these exquisite equines are a fabulous gift to give a horse lover, art lover, or just to add some colour to your mantle piece.

Trail of the Painted Ponies figurines – from RRP $59.95

Find The Trail of Painted Ponies at leading toy and gift stores nationally or contact Jasnor (Australia) Pty Ltd on 1300 881 940 to find your nearest stockist.

Robert Plumb

2. You’ve got mail!

Designed with installation and functionality in mind, the stylish and modern new collection of Project Letterboxes from Robert Plumb are definitely something to write home about. Featuring a free-standing design, Project Letterboxes with newspaper holder can be power coated in any Dulux colours, so you can colour match your entire house! This unique collection is designed in Australia by renowned landscape designer, William Dangar of Dangar Group, and will work just as well in the tree lined streets of Melbourne as the seaside suburbs of Queensland and Perth.

Project Letterbox with newspaper holder from Robert Plumb – RRP $570

To order your letterbox, please contact Robert Plumb direct phone 02 9316 9066 or visit

Rocket Tag

3. Fly me to the moon!

Ok, so my parents never sent me to space camp as a kid, and I had to postpone my trip on Richard Branson’s new space shuttle because I was washing my hair that day… But, thanks to the new Annabel Trends Rocket tags, at least my luggage can feel like it’s ready to take off! Featuring a sturdy rubber design which attaches faster than the speed of light around your luggage, and available in hot pink, bright purple and baby blue colours, these cool Rocket tags will ensure your personal belongings can be easily identified at your final destination.

Annabel Trends Rocket Tags – RRP $4.95

Find Annabel Trends Rocket Travel Tags at leading gift and travel stores nationally or contact Annabel Trends on or phone (07) 5593 4755.

3D Puzzle Board

4. Play with your food

Meal times were never this much fun when we were growing up! Designed to teach children the correct table setting when eating, this Royal VKB Puzzle Dinner Tray from Milk & Sugar resembles a 3D puzzle board, and features an oversized knife, spoon, fork, plate and cup. Made from melamine which won’t chip or break when dropped (or thrown!) and featuring non-slip rubber feet this cool and quirky design will be talk of the dinner table! And it’s also perfect for all us big kids who simply appreciate its quirky design and retro colour scheme.

Royal VKB Puzzle Dinner Tray from Milk & Sugar – RRP $84.90

Available at Cleverdicks, Glenside. Call Milk & Sugar on 03 9338 1955 or visit for more information.

Fairy Fantasy

5. Fairy Fantasy

Whether you’re 3 (or 30-something), every girl wants to be the most beautiful fairy in all the land, and thanks to the fabulous FairyLites Fairy Face Painting kit from Colorific your wish can come true!  Each kit includes not one, not two, but SIX pretty coloured face paints, a white face crayon, and even gorgeous sparking rhinestones to turn every little girl into a fairy princess. The perfect accessory for a fairy themed birthday party, or for those days when you just want to have a bit of fun with pink tulle and fairy wings.

FairyLites Fairy Face Painting kit from Colorific – RRP $14.99

Fly in and get your new FairyLites from Toyworld Blackwood, or contact Colorific on 1800 801 545 or visit for more information.

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