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Our Top 5 Adelaide Laksa Joints

We’ve compiled a guide to some of the laksa joints in Adelaide, all now available for pickup or takeaway.


If there’s one thing that’s sure to warm the belly and cure the isolation blues, it’s laksa.

Coconut curry sauce, egg noodles, fresh Asian vegetables, dumplings if you dare … what more could you want?

We’ve compiled a guide of our laksa joints in Adelaide that now offer takeaway and delivery, feel free to mark off as you go.

Cafe Michael 2

Cafe Michael 2 is no stranger to the Adelaide food scene, serving up seven different versions of laksa to takeaway. Stay in familiar territory with their signature chicken or beef laksa, or venture into unknown territory with crocodile laksa!

You can order with Cafe Michael 2 through their new online website. Food is available for pickup or delivery.

Get 25% off your first order with the code ‘FIRST 25’.

Phone | 8223 3519

204 Rundle St, Adelaide

Dumplings R Us

Don’t be misled by the name ‘Dumplings R Us’ because this joint sure knows how to make a good laksa. Combine your greatest two loves – dumplings and laksa, with their signature ‘dumplings in laksa noodle soup’.

You’ll find Dumplings R Us on Uber Eats, with free delivery within 5km.

Phone | 7226 2513

187 Rundle Street, Adelaide

Honki Tonki

Honki Tonki’s coconut curry laksa is sure to impress, served with rice vermicelli or hokkien egg noodles, chicken, tofu puffs, baby corn & asian greens. Add dumplings for extra because… no brainer?

You can find Honki Tonki on Uber Eats, or call them up to order.

Phone |  0420 682 461

38 Hindley Street, Adelaide

Hut & Soul

Taste the flavours of Hut & Soul’s traditional laksa topped with Spencer Gulf Prawns, or hold out until Sunday (the only day they serve this beauty) for their special Assam Laksa, finished with spicy fish broth and pineapple.

Call them up to order or find them on Uber Eats.

Phone | 8232 0588

310 Pulteney Street, Adelaide

Laska House

Laksa House truly is an Adelaide institution and a master of their domain. We won’t bother mentioning each type of laksa, as there are over seven to choose from. Plus, whatever laksa you choose, you won’t be disappointed.

Laksa House is available for pickup only from their four Adelaide destinations, call up to order!

Phone | 8410 7099

214 Hutt St, Adelaide

67 King William St, Adelaide

Market Plaza Food Court, Adelaide

45 Flinders St, Adelaide

Lemongrass Thai Bistro

Lemongrass Thai Bistro is no stranger to a classic laksa, with their signature spicy coconut broth and egg noodles.

Lemongrass are offering pickup or delivery by either calling them directly, or ordering through the app, MyLocal.

Phone | 8223 6627

289 Rundle Street, Adelaide

Have we missed one of your favourites? Email [email protected].

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