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Our guide to some of the funkiest beers on tap in Adelaide right now

From pink lemon ale to biscuit beer, we’ve covered the funkiest foam flavours on tap in Adelaide at the moment.

Adelaide has been steadily carving out its place in the craft beer scene for years, with dozens of notable microbreweries cropping up in the city and around the state.

While there are still West End loyalists and Coopers Pale Ale fanatics, many South Australians are turning to funkier flavours for their frothy fix.

Here are the most unique beer flavors you can get in and around Adelaide right now.

Pink lemon ale, Mismatch Brewing

From the brewery that brought you pizza beer, Mismatch Brewing has announced their summer flavor: pink lemon ale.

Wanting to differ from the IPA craze that’s sweeping craft brewers right now, Mismatch went a different route and made a light ale that’s inspired by lemonade, but pink. The beer has lemon juice and raspberry purée to give it a crisp flavour and fun colour. It’ll be available in South Australian stockists this week.

Find the pink lemon ale at Mismatch Brewing in Lot 100 on Chambers Road, Nairne.

Poblano stout, Wheatsheaf Hotel

This cosy, homey pub is known for live music and bizarre beer combinations, such as an anchovy IPA, a coffee sour beer, and mussel and shellfish-flavoured red ale.

Currently on tap at the Wheaty is the poblano stout, a Mexican mole-inspired beer with rich chocolate, deep spice and roasted flavours. It features three types of chillies––ancho, guajillo and habanero––alongside cocoa, vanilla and cinnamon notes.

Find the poblano stout on tap at the Wheatsheaf Hotel at 39 George St, Thebarton.

Tea and biccies brown ale, Pirate Life Brewing

Port Adelaide’s beloved microbrewery has dabbled with unique flavours in the past, serving up a granola bowl IPA, pumpkin spice latte ale and a strawberry milkshake IPA.

Right now, their funkiest beer on tap is a tea and biccies-inspired brown ale. With malted barley, New Zealand hops and black tea, this fusion brew tastes like fresh-baked biscuit, fruit and light spice.

Find the tea and biccies brown ale on tap at Pirate Life Brewing at 18 Baker St, Port Adelaide.

Chili beer, Lady Burra Brewhouse

Lady Burra Brewhouse’s chilli beer has a smoky flavour and finishes with a welcomed spicy kick. Featured on tap at the upscale casual restaurant, the chilli beer is great on its own or mixed with the house ginger beer, a combination playfully called the “GiChi,” a favourite of the general manager, Gigi.

Find the chilli beer on tap at Lady Burra Brewhouse at 4 Topham Mall, Adelaide.

Gin Sour Ale, Vale Brewing

While some beer drinkers think sour beers are unique enough, Vale Brewing has pushed the envelope even further in creating a gin-fused sour ale. This particular beer has actually just been taken off tap, but we thought it was too fun to keep off the list.

Using South Australia favourite 23rd Street Distillery’s signature gin, Vale created what they think is a “balanced” ale with botanical flavours and tropical hops.

“This is the perfect palate cleanser for any occasion,” the site says.

Find the gin sour ale from Vale Brewing here.

Got a favourite funky Adelaide beer to add to the list? Email [email protected].

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