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Our picks for the top brews from Winter Beer Fest

With so many cult breweries in Adelaide, it could be someone’s major mission to sample all of the beer available in the State.

Craft beer is a favourite drink of many South Australians, and what with a very cold winter at the moment the demand for somewhere warm to enjoy a beer or two is strong.

With so many cult breweries in Adelaide, it could be someone’s major mission to sample all of the beer available in the State.

Luckily for us, our resident beer lover Kylie attended this year’s Winter Beer Fest at the Lighthouse Wharf Hotel in Port Adelaide. The very popular Adelaide Hills brewery, Uraidla, displayed a very comprehensive tap lineup.

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Firstly, there were two regular favourites, the Third Eye Pale Ale and the Moonlight Oatmeal Stout, along with two new releases, the Deceptive Gravity Session Red India Pale Ale and Kylie’s favourite beer of the festival, the Moonlight Toasted Coconut Stout. 

The Moonlight Toasted Coconut Stout very limited release is a beautiful winter stout. With flavours of freshly baked coconut, creamy milk chocolate and a mild espresso bitter finish, it reminds you of a Bounty chocolate bar. 

Another impressive beer, Freshly Dipped, comes from Shapeshifter Brewing Co. This chocolate and strawberry stout is a warming 6.7% and brewed with rich chocolate and crystal malt base.

However, it’s the hundreds of kilos of real strawberry fruit puree added after primary ferment that makes this beer burst with flavour. This makes it a perfectly balanced dessert-style beer. 

A unique and fun collaboration Black India Pale Ale, the Neo-Mexicanus, sees local Adelaide brewery Big Shed team up with Queensland heavyweights, Revel Brewing Co. Released recently, this beer most certainly has your taste buds asking questions. The use of neo mexicanus hops, native to the mountains of New Mexico, provides a dark tropical fruit flavour and a zesty vibe. 

The Mismatch Dark Ale is lighter and less roasty than a stout but maltier and more full than a porter, with an impressive flavour balance of chocolate and coffee. A perfect beer to break up the heavier style beers.

After a while, and a few tastings, most people would be ready to have something warm and tasty to eat. A delicious Pulled Pork Burger would pair nicely with the Pirate Life Honeycomb Stout. 

So many great beers, so many great tastes, so many great memories; exciting tastes that really made electricity travel around the taste buds.

If you are in the mood for a craft beer that tantalises your palate and is from right here in South Australia, you really couldn’t go wrong with any of the beers we’ve mentioned. And there are lots more just waiting to be discovered, too!

About the Author:

As a busy Mum of 3 beautiful children living on the stunning mid coast of South Australia, I’m a lover of the beach, CrossFit and beer.

It’s a Brewtiful World was created to combine my passion of travelling the world and my love for craft beer.

In recent times my focus has become more local, supporting Australian and South Australian beers and breweries.

The craft beer community is a fun and positive one to be a part of. It has lead me to interreactions with the worlds best breweries and even brewing a beer of my own with my local brewery.

I enjoy being part of an industry that is booming here in Australia and I look forward to what lies ahead and most importantly, what delicious beers are heading our way.

~ Kylie Warren from @its_a_brewtiful_world

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