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Our top 20 outfits worn by Mr Chuck, Adelaide’s internet sensation

A list of our favourite outfits from the Adelaide-based dachshund and internet sensation Mr Chuck to brighten up your day.


Images courtesy of Johnny von Einem.

Mr Chuck is a gorgeous Adelaide-based dog influencer taking the world by storm one outfit at a time.

Chuck’s Instagram is run by a husband and wife duo, Olga who runs the account and Johnny who takes the photos.

Olga began taking photos of Mr Chuck on her personal account when a friend suggested she create him an account of his own.

Olga’s mother hand makes most of the costumes you see on his Instagram in her spare time. Other costumes are found at places like Kmart and eBay (meaning your dogs can look just as good too!).

The account started gaining popularity in 2017 when the University of Adelaide shared a photo of Mr Chuck in a graduation outfit while he attended Olga’s graduation.

Since then the nine-year-old dachshund has worked with companies such as FruChocs and Koh cleaning products.

So when we stumbled across his Instagram we just couldn’t help ourselves from stalking every single one of his incredible outfits.

In no particular order here is a list of some of our favourite outfits from Mr Chuck.

1. The Aladdin Outfit

2. The Beerenberg Strawberry Outfit

3. The Wizard Outfit

4. The Where’s Wally Outfit

5. The St Patrick’s Day Outfit

6. The Halloween Outfit

7. The Pride Month Outfit

8. The Priest Outfit

9. The Nurse Outfit

10. The Lifeguard Outfit

11. The Judge Outfit

12. The Gingerbread Man Outfit

13. The Ghost Outfit

14. The Construction Worker Outfit

15. The Clown Outfit

16. The Bunnings Outfit

17. The Bob Marley Outfit

18. The Hawaiian Outfit

19. The Banana Outfit

20. The Ballerina Outfit

You can find Mr Chuck on Instagram here and let us know which one of his outfits is your favourite!

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