Our top South Aussie koala videos of all time

After today’s Christmas koala incident, we’ve re-capped all of the cutest koala vids we’ve seen in the past few years.

What’s more Australian than a koala?..

A koala in Bunnings Warehouse.

We have that delightful moment and more here for you with our list of all the wonderfully cute, silly, heartwarming and funny koala videos of 2020.

Remember, if you see a hot, tired koala bear, it’s ok to give them a drink, but be careful. Experts say the best way is to offer water from a bowl, or even your hands, so they can gently lap it up. A small syringe also works for feeding gently.

Christmas Koala

Doing the rounds today, Daphne broke into Amanda McCormick’s SA home to hang in the Christmas tree. She was rescued by koala rescue this afternoon, and made international news today, even being featured in The Guardian.

Have you ever seen a koala swim?! 

This hot bear was spotted on Kangaroo Island by Jas and Joes Long Road Home. Follow them for more amazing photos and adventures 🙌 (@jasandjoes_longroadhome on insta)

This little guy takes an afternoon stroll.

🐨 Soaking up the Summer weather like… …

Thirsty Koala Goes Hunting In Leabrook.

Remember this one!? The hot weather brought an adorable visitor to Leabrook! Check out the link for more videos and photos.

Wedding crasher

This cheeky visitor gate crashed a wedding at The Manor Basket Ranges & was safely returned outside 🥰Video by Emma Stockbridg

The most Australian thing ever.

You don’t see this every day!! A koala strolled into Noarlunga Bunnings for a spot of long weekend shopping! Video by Studio Sand#straya

Baby koalas

When koala joeys emerged from their mother’s pouches at Australia Zoo this year, we are were love!

Wine loving koala

Have you seen a koala nestled in a grapevine before? The Sidewood Estate Vintage 2019 officially started today – with help from the locals!

Thirsty koala 1

This thirsty fellow was spotted by Steve Dundon at the end of his street, in a back yard behind Rostrevor College. Don’t forget to leave out water for the birds and animals while this heat sticks, but never pour water straight into a koala’s mouth! Only little sips.

Thirsy koala 2

Drunk koala

Probably the best thing we’ve seen all week. WAIT FOR IT…Thanks to the fab crew at The Stoke Wines who shot this at The Lane Vineyard & shared this video with us! *tag someone who’d love this!*

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