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Our top picks for Adelaide Fringe 2021

From comedy to cabaret and everything in between, these are our top picks on what to see at this year’s Adelaide Fringe.

We sure are glad that festival season is upon us but with so much to do and see it can be a little daunting to know what to attend.

Enter our guide to the picks of the Adelaide Fringe this year. From theatre to magic to comedy, we’ve got you covered no matter your preference.

I Made an Adult

After selling out her last five-star Fringe seasons, Tracy Crisp returns with her latest show told with her trademark blend of heart and humour (yes, it’s part four in the trilogy).

This performance is a bittersweet story of beaten eggs, spilt milk and the sifted years of childhood.

Where: Nexus Arts and Mainstage at Bakehouse Theatre
When: 22nd February – 13 March
Tickets: $20-$29
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The Real Housewives Choir 

This zany choir will take you on a humorous journey of cultural clashes, hot flushes and cross-generational confusion, serving up some favourite melodies, hilarious parodies, mash-ups, passionate harmonies and a whole lotta wine. Starring a bunch of real housewives who will make you laugh ’til you cry and prove they can still ‘Rock-the-Stage’ despite age, adversity and social differences.

Where The Spiegeltent at The Garden of Unearthly Delights, Domain Theatre at Marion Cultural Centre and The Ballroom at Ayers House

When: 24 February – 18 March
Tickets: $35.00
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Matt Tarrant HAPPY

The Adelaide Fringe Award Winner in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and the PICK OF THE FRINGE Winner in 2019 is back with more impossible magic in a brand new show. Experience world-class magic, mind-blowing mentalism and incredible wonder from Adelaide’s own; Matt Tarrant.

Where: The Cornucopia at Gluttony – Rymill Park
When: 19 February – 21 March
Tickets: $25.00 to $35.00
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Prinnie Stevens in Lady Sings The Blues

A story about women in song, their hurts, struggles and pain whilst their beauty remains the same. Featuring the songs of the greats such as Billie Holiday, Etta James, Nina Simone & Ella Fitzgerald along with the modern day voices of Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Beyonce and Sade you will be transported from the speak easy setting to the very heart of our Lady.

We first met Prinnie on season one of The Voice where she battled best friend Mahalia Barnes and stopped Australia in its tracks.

Where: The Chamber at the QUEENS
When: 4 March – 7 March
Tickets: $40
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Kevin Kropinyeri Goes Talkabout

Rapidly becoming a national treasure, Kev is one of Australia’s premier comedians. A proud Ngarrindjeri man, he has experienced challenges, failures and successes.

In this heart-warmingly humble and hilarious hour, Kev opens up the book on his colourful and checkered past, brings his own truth, and his comedy A-game.

Where: Inparrinthi Space at Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute and The Hall at Murray Bridge Town Hall
When: 19 February – 21 March
Tickets: $22.00 to $32.00
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George Glass Does Art Attack (with alcohol and music) 

Remember Art Attack? Paint along to live music with drink in hand. Inspired by 90’s kids show sensation, Art Attack. Adelaide’s alternative funk band, George Glass invites you to join them on stage to paint to the music they play.

Where: Hillside Theatre (open-air) at Gluttony – Rymill Park
When: 26 February – 27 February
Tickets: $20
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Amelia Ryan & Libby O’Donovan: UNSUNG

Join powerhouse duo Amelia Ryan and Libby O’Donovan for a loud, proud, racuous celebration of our original Australian Pop & Rock Divas. In both a ‘vibrant and vital’ (Advertiser) exploration of life in the 1960s, hear the thoroughly entertaining stories and songs that blazed the trails for generations of women to come. With music from Lynne Randell, Little Patti, Judy Stone, Marcie Jones, Wendy Saddington, Margret Roadknight, and more.

Where: Main Hall at Woodville Town Hall, The Chamber at THE QUEENS, The GC- Grand Central at Victor Harbor Town Hall at The GC and Grand Central at Victor Harbor
When: 25 February – 18 March
Tickets: $35.00 to $40.00
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Jackson vs. Jackson

The Adelaide Fringe award-winning & sell-out show is back! Pay tribute to the King and Queen of pop with back to back Michael, Janet and Jackson 5 mash-ups in the signature style of creator Charmaine Jones. Your favourite hits take on a new face, pick up a new pace and light up the stage in this Thriller performance.

Where: The Moa (open-air) at Gluttony – Rymill Park
When: 3 March – 21 March
Tickets: $45.00 to $49.00
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A Night in Paris 

‘A NIGHT IN PARIS’ is an award-winning musical show that celebrates the artists of the great French songbook. Adelaide singer Louise Blackwell is joined by Mark Simeon Ferguson on keys, Julian Ferraretto on violin, John Aue on double bass and Josh Baldwin on drums and they have been delighting audiences with their French showcase of songs by artists including Leo Ferre, Georges Brassens, Jacques Brel, Barbara, Edith Piaf, Serge Gainsbourg, Jean Constantin, Juliette Greco and Yves Montand.

Where: The Chamber at THE QUEENS, Domain Theatre at Marion Cultural Centre and Saint John’s Anglican Church
When: 21 February – 20 March
Tickets: $40
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Featuring a female-driven cast of aerial, burlesque and cabaret performers, Somnia is a new, late-night multi discipline show about sleep, debuting at Gluttony this Fringe season.

Where: The Peacock at Gluttony – Rymill Park
When: 5 March to 20 March
Tickets $15-$23
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Matt Hale – Bonkers

This brand new show is from popular fest fave (and 2020 Award Winner) Matt Hale. You get the pleasure of being able to chose if you want to enjoy the show onstage or in the audience.

Where: The Virago at Gluttony – Rymill Park
When: 19 February – 21 March
Tickets: $25.00 to $35.00
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2 Nuts for Dick Tricks: A Dirk Darrow Investigation 

Check out five crazy characters, performing five mind-blowing magic tricks. Help this hapless psychic detective, as he hunts a hitman in a gritty 1930’s mental asylum.

Where: The Balcony Room at The Griffins Hotel, HAT’s Courthouse Cultural Centre Auburn, Hall at Gawler Civic Centre, The Ballroom at Ayers House, Theatre Two at The Parks Theatres.

When: 19 February – 21 March
Tickets: $23.00 to $30.00
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Winner of Best Circus at Adelaide Fringe 2020! A decadent blend of sensational acrobatics, operatic cabaret and tongue in cheek burlesque.
A non-stop celebration of the astonishing, surprising, subversive and the supremely sexy: award-winning Australian circus sensation Rouge brings an outrageous brand of adult circus.

Where: The Peacock at Gluttony – Rymill Park
When: 19 February – 21 March
Tickets: $39.00 to $48.00
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Shake It

‘Shake It’ features the best of burlesque at the Adelaide Fringe, combined with foul mouthed songstress Minnie Andrews (from ‘Papillon’). Minnie hosts one of the most outrageous events at Fringe, with special guest acts from across the festival of burlesque, circus and cabaret. This will not be polite, this will not be gentle, we are SHAKING IT UP!

Where: The Peacock at Gluttony – Rymill Park
When: 19 February – 20 March
Tickets: $18.00 to $35.00
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The End is High-Concept

This sketch comedy show is set with a ship Stranded in DEEP SPACE, and the crew attempt to pass the time and bolster morale by sharing tales of woe and whimsy, all the while a greater mystery unwinds amongst them. It’s ‘Black Mirror’ meets ‘Skithouse’ from the writing team behind the award winning ‘Huge News’ Kyron Weetra and Josh Mensch.

Where: Ngunyawayiti Theatre at Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute
When: 9 March to 21 March
Tickets: $35
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Raise your vibration as Hugh Sheridan and a team of Australia’s most sought-after dancers raise the roof in a brand new sensory spectacular, created exclusively for the Adelaide Fringe. See Hugh in a new light as he spins beats from MJ to Calvin Harris, Guetta to Sinatra in an extraordinary mash up of Music, Tap, Hip Hop Dance, Light Shows, Live Music and more

Where: The Moa (open-air) at Gluttony – Rymill Park
When: 5 March – 13 March
Tickets: $59
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27 Club

Headlined by Australia’s hottest rock icons Kevin Mitchell (Bob Evans, Jebediah) and Sarah Mcleod (The Superjesus), this must-see gig will get you praying to the rock gods. It’s an exclusive club of the greats; Hendrix, Morrison, Cobain, Winehouse, Joplin all joined when they died aged 27. Entry to this exclusive club? Simply sell your soul to the devil in exchange for the witchcraft of rock. 

Where: The Moa (open-air) at Gluttony – Rymill Park
When: February 19- February 28
Tickets: $35.00 to $45.00
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A world-premiere thriller set against the horrors of the anti-Gay purges in Chechnya, presented by and starring award-winner Patrick Livesey (‘The Boy, George’ and ‘Gone Girls’) and his real-life partner, Wil King (ABC’s ‘Why Are You Like This’). A Russian and an Australian walk into a bar in Moscow. Neither are who they say they are. DIЯT is a thrilling and seductive exploration of sexuality, solidarity and persecution in modern-day Russia. $1 from every ticket sold will be donated to the Russian LGBT Network, an organisation promoting equal rights and respect for human dignity throughout Russia.

Where: The Arch at Holden Street Theatres
When: 19 February – 21 March
Tickets: $30.00
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First Nation Voices

Join Glenn Skuthorpe, Russell Smith & special guests, Australia’s sought after First Nation musicians for a musical experience that transcends time and showcases a chronicle of life and culture. Experience First Nation artists speaking and performing a concert-in-the-rounds, where you can identify with cultural stories shared through their generations both past and present.

Where: West Augusta Football Club Indoor Function Room at West Augusta Football Club Pichi Richi Park, Nexus Arts, The Garage International @ Adelaide Town Hall, Eliza Hall at Payinthi, Southern Districts Workingmen’s Club and The Hall at Murray Bridge Town Hall

When: 19 February – 20 March
Tickets: $18.00 to $28.00
Book tickets here.

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