Our top South Aussie Christmas traditions

Check out our top SA traditions to induldge in over Christmas!

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The big day is here, and with so many different ways that South Australian’s celebrate Christmas, we thought we’d take a look at some of the more popular traditions that families and friends across the state will be indulging in this festive season.

Seafood on the menu

South Australia is home to some of the countries most delicious and fresh seafood, and we’re so lucky to have such an abundance in choice.

With our warmer climate during the festive months, there’s nothing better than a selection of locally sourced seafood for lunch on Christmas Day.

Queues of customers are often seen lining up to order their festive seafood feast, with prawns, crayfish, whole barramundi and oysters some of the popular favourites.

Grab your seafood fix at Adelaide’s finest supermarkets.

Riverbank Christmas lights

What’s more South Aussie than Christmas lights paired with an iconic brewery.

Despite the closure of the West End Brewery the iconic city fixture riverbank Christmas lights will forever remain a tradition on our calendar, with a series of upgrade works ensuring the attraction becomes a permanent feature of Adelaide’s Christmas calendar.

The Christmas Riverbank Display on the Torrens River will run for two weeks from Monday 13 December through until Christmas night, Friday 25 December.

Read more about the West End Brewery Riverbank Christmas Lights Display here.

The backyard barbie

There’s nothing more iconic than the festive backyard barbie, of which many families across the state will be firing up on Christmas Day.

Take away the phrase ‘shrimp on the barbie’ and chuck on your favourite locally sourced prawns, meat, chicken and veg for a festively charcoaled feast.

Or if you’re feeling a little less-inspired, there’s nothing better than just a simple snag freshly cooked and slapped on some bread with sauce (and grilled onions!).

Beer and Tim Tams for Santa

Let’s face it, does a South Aussie Santa really want just milk and cookies for Christmas?

If he’s going to indulge in anything on his visit to homes across the state in this warm weather, it’s going to be a refreshing cold beer and perhaps a Tim Tam on the side.

A lot of us have adopted this festive tradition in lieu of the more ‘cooler climate’ choices like a warm glass of milk by the fire, which just isn’t in its right place here!

Did we mention Santa actually travels in a ute pulled by kangaroos with his festive Akubra hat?

The festive Christmas ham

As much as this tradition isn’t necessarily exclusive to South Aussies, we just can’t seem to get enough of the traditional Christmas ham on our table.

With an array of delicious glazing recipes with more ‘summer’-friendly flavours, a ham on the Christmas table is the gift that keeps on giving, with left-overs a big hit with hungry families.

Lucky for us too, we’re able to source some amazing Australian pork for that perfect ham every time.

Read more about choosing and storing your ham this Christmas here.

Beach cricket

‘Howwwzzaattttt’ – now there’s a phrase iconic to a South Aussie Christmas!

With the warm weather, we love flocking to some of our pristine local beaches for a hit of beach cricket and day of fun in the sun with family and friends.

We’re lucky enough to have some of the most stunning beaches in the country to hit up over Christmas, of which some would even say feel like a European getaway!

Fruit mince pies

Again, perhaps not necessarily ‘South Australian’ but some of the great bakeries that make them certainly are!

Regardless of where we get our fruit mince pies from, they’re always a staple on the table, with that delicious spiced-fruit filled filling incased in a perfect, buttery pastry.

Read more about the tradition of fruit mince pies here.

‘Love Actually’… on repeat

After our tummy’s have been stuffed with fresh seafood and a festive BBQ, there’s nothing better than flopping on the couch to indulge in a traditionally ‘Christmas’ movie.

‘Love Actually’ is one of these films that us Aussies just can’t seem to get enough of – so much so, that they brought a musical version of the film to our stages!

Read more about the ‘Love Actually’ concert here.

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